It’s no surprise that the fake news media lied about attendance at the Orlando Trump Rally. Reporters even took photos of the arena hours prior to the event showing empty seats to use later in the evening trying to fool their audience.

However, they didn’t fool over 20,000 Trump supporters like me and John that were inside the Amway arena when President Trump spoke. The place was packed to the rafters, and we have proof.

trump rally orlando

Not only was the arena packed, but being part of such an historic moment when President Trump announced his re-election campaign made everyone in the room emotional. The crowd roared and chanted “4 More Years” because we finally have a President that puts America first and cares about all Americans.

Don’t believe the Fake News Media especially the ones like CNN that stopped showing President Trump’s speech when the crowd started chanting “CNN Sucks!” and “Tell the Truth!”  Fox News was one of the few larger networks that broadcast the entire event.

Our President needs our support so get out and get involved to absolutely guarantee that Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020!