BREAKING NEWS! Op-Ed in LifeZette – Democrats Try to Do Damage to Surging Warren, Yet Many Made No Impact at All – by John Di Lemme

The 2020 White House hopefuls went after Trump as well as the apparent new frontrunner among them.

The moderators of the fourth Democratic debate of this 2020 election season apparently decided that with 12 candidates on stage, even three hours wouldn’t be enough time for everyone to make opening statements.

Even so, they all found plenty of time to talk about why they think President Donald Trump should be impeached.

With that topic the focus of the first few questions on Tuesday night in Ohio, the candidates settled into their anti-Trump talking points — yet few of them shared their own vision for how they would lead America.

Billionaire Tom Steyer, in fact, introduced himself by reminding Americans this was his first debate and that President Trump was a criminal. Really? How did that slam give Ohio voters and everyone else a window into who he is or what Steyer would do as president?

It went downhill from there in terms of the candidates using their debate time to promote themselves vs. bashing Trump.

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