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South Florida Trump Supporters Protest Gillum’s Pancakes & Politics Fundraiser

Trump supporters in Jupiter, Florida waived signs and American flags as Andrew Gillum drove into Abacoa Golf Club for a Democrat party fundraiser. 


Other than the political money grab, Gillum was in town to advance his goal of registering one million new Democrat voters in Florida in an effort to defeat Donald Trump in 2020 and turn the state of Florida blue.

But the Florida Republicans aren’t just going to sit back and let that happen…

gillum protest

“We’re here to send our friend Andrew Gillum a message,” said Palm Beach County GOP chairman Michael Barnett. “To let him know that there are patriots here in Palm Beach County who support the President, who are totally against this impeachment nonsense.”

The Silent Majority in Florida is no longer silent! 

We are committed to keep the state of Florida RED and fight to guarantee that President Donald J. Trump is re-elected in 2020.