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Trump’s Minnesota Rally – Exposing the Truth and Sharing Real News

President Trump reported a record-breaking 20,000 people were in attendance at his rally in Minnesota last week plus another 25,000 supporters outside.  The atmosphere in the Target center was absolutely electrifying! 

However, the fake news media focused on the violence outside created by the left instead of the overwhelming number of American patriots inside supporting the President of the United States. They splashed their headlines with negative comments and disparaging remarks that had nothing to do with what was actually going on inside at the rally.

While this is no surprise to President Trump or his supporters, it’s important to acknowledge and share some of the most powerful parts of his speech so that the American people know the truth.  

One of the most memorable moments in the rally was when President Trump recognized police officers that were barred from wearing their uniforms to the rally if they were off duty by Minnesota Democrat officials.  Instead, they wore specially made red shirts that were emblazoned with “Cops for Trump.”

Watch here as President Trump invites officers on stage and declares “Cops Love Trump, and Trump Loves Cops”…

The key to fight the lies of the liberal left is to share REAL News and educate yourself on the truth. If you don’t know the truth, you can’t share it.

Here’s the entire video of the Trump Rally in Minnesota that would be great to share with family, friends, colleagues, or basically anyone that may not know what’s really going on in America…


Let’s fight together to Keep America Great!