While anticipating the needs of your customers may seem unrealistic right now during the coronavirus shutdown, it’s not impossible.  You just gotta get creative!

Just take a look at all of the restaurants that are offering to-go orders or free delivery. I’ve been introduced to restaurants in West Palm Beach, Florida that I didn’t even know existed, because they are offering these new services.

Of course, I understand that they are being forced to do this because their dining rooms are closed. However, these business owners are also anticipating the needs of their customers by providing a way to get their favorite foods while still following local or state mandates.

So, how can you anticipate the needs of your customers right now? It’s pretty simple, and it won’t cost you a dime…

Reflect back to just a week or so ago when your business was in full swing.  How did you anticipate the needs of your customers then? 

You actively listened to what they wanted and provided your product/service that met their needs or solved a problem that they were experiencing.  Then, you were able to anticipate when they might need that product/service again or what other product/service they might also be interested in.  

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the most dominating successes in the hotel industry and they are experts at anticipating the needs of customers. The hotel not only gives customers what they want, but also exceeds their expectations and anticipates the next service that they can offer the customer.

Now, I know you are saying…”John, the Ritz has an unlimited budget and a huge customer list.  I don’t have that. Plus how does this help me right now?”

Like I said, implementing this tip into your existing business is absolutely free, and you focus on your current and past customers.

For instance, take a look at when your customers had their last service provided, give them a call and schedule their next service appointment for next month. When your business reopens, you already have appointments on the books instead of trying to play catch-up or frantically calling customers to bring in business.

Even if you have to reschedule, you are still taking forward moving steps in your business and staying committed to your customers.

Do you regularly offer a product to your customers? then give them a call and let them know that you have exactly what they need in stock.  Offer to mail it or drop it off for them. After all, you know when they last bought the product and can anticipate when they will need to reorder.

Offer an incentive by giving your customers a Bonus with their order or a discount.  Uber Eats is offering free delivery, which is a great perk for their customers and the businesses that they serve. 

A local pest control company is offering 20% off for all services scheduled during the month of April, and a skin care company is giving their customers a trial size product with every order.

Our favorite local restaurant even gave us a call to let us know that they had our favorite entree available AND they delivered it to us!  

This all comes back to today’s simple business tip…anticipate the needs of your customers. You be surprised how much this simple yet powerful tip assists you with generating revenue with your business.

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John Di Lemme

P.S. This tip is directly from my soon to be released book, “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism Versus Capitalism” – www.MakingCapitalismGreatAgain.com 

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