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Democrats Stop Help for Businesses and Americans in Desperate Need During the Coronavirus Crisis

The White House shared the following update that details how Democrats are stopping financial resources from reaching the American people that are suffering during the coronavirus crisis…

President Trump is marshalling every resource at America’s disposal [1] to fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic.  He’s grateful to our nation’s local leaders, doctors, nurses, law enforcement, and first responders who are waging this battle on the ground.

They need all the help they can get—and so do American workers and businesses. Every American family deserves immediate relief and certainty in this difficult time.

President Trump told Congress to send him a bill that protects our economy, your job, your retirement savings, and your family’s future from this global pandemic.

Democrats are blocking it. Their donor wish list comes before helping you.

Senate Republicans are ready to send a relief bill to the President’s desk. Instead of joining them, Democrats voted it down. Their leaders are demanding a litany of partisan line items that have nothing to do with fighting the Coronavirus or saving our economy.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer should have to answer to every American: Why have they prioritized these partisan issues over help for working families of every background?

And the list goes on and on—for 1,119 pages in Speaker Pelosi’s bill, to be exact.

With these demands, Democrats in Congress aren’t trying to rescue our country. They aren’t trying to rescue our economy. They’re trying to rescue their partisan agenda—and they’re willing to hold America hostage to do it.

As one senior Democrat reportedly put it: This relief bill is “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Now is no time for partisan politics or to exploit a serious crisis for political gain. Now is the time to finish good-faith negotiations that deliver economic and healthcare support to working Americans.

President Trump and other leaders have asked every American to do their part to help slow the spread of Coronavirus by staying home and social distancing. The American people have selflessly heeded that call. As our citizens step up and do their part, it’s time for career politicians in Washington to do the same. No more delays.

The clock is ticking. The hour for action is here. Our country deserves it.

Watch as Fox News Host Sean Hannity shares how the Democrats are preventing the American people and businesses from getting financial help that they desperately need…

Remember how the Democrats forgot about the American people during this time of crisis and focused on their own liberal left when you cast your vote November 3, 2020.  

More importantly, remember how President Donald J. Trump stands for our country and fights for all Americans no matter their race, religion, socioeconomic status, or political affiliation. 


Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/1600daily/ [3]