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Guess Who Got a Photo with President Trump Plus What He’s Really Like…

Guess who got a photo with President Trump at the Charlotte, North Carolina Rally?

That’s right…John and Christie Di Lemme!


Okay, that’s not our official photos with President Trump. Those will be delivered in a few weeks.  

So what did President Trump say to us?

Mostly, he asked about me and John and said little about himself.  He was very intentional about our conversation, called us by name, and respected the fact that we drove 10 hours to meet him and attend the rally.  

What’s President Trump really like?

You instantly felt his warmth and kindness when he spoke to you.  He was also funny and smiled a lot during our conversation.  It’s obvious that he truly loves America and is committed to protecting our nation as he stands between us and our enemies.

How did we get to meet the President?

Lots of hard work fighting to preserve Conservative values in our country and a personal invite from one of our greatest friends and Patriots that we fight side by side with every day, Pressley Stutts.  Here’s a pic of Pressley and John…


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Now, check out a few more photos from the Trump Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina…

John Di Lemme

After talking with President Trump, our mission to preserve Conservative values in America and re-elect him in November 2020 is even more rock-solid. He’s fighting for our country, but can’t do it alone.

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The Democrats are trying to turn America into a socialist country.  We must stand against it!  Like President Trump said, “America will never be a socialist country!”

Let’s Keep America Great Together!