President Trump said that he will sign a temporary executive order suspending all immigration due to the coronavirus.

Not only will this help with stopping the spread of the coronavirus, it will also give officials time to work on immigration reform that is still desperately needed.

While it’s important to offer a pathway to “legal” citizenship in America, illegal immigration is still happening and our borders need to be secured. 

Angel families, those that have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens, understand the importance of securing our borders and improving our current immigration system.

I’ve was blessed to interview two Angel Moms, Sabine Durden-Coulter and Maureen Maloney, and Angel Dad, Dan Ferguson, on my Conservative Business Journal Podcast. 

Listen now to all three of their podcast interviews as they share their stories of their children being murdered by illegals and why immigration reform is critically important to stop these senseless killings.

Sabine Durden-Coulter:


Maureen Maloney:

Maureen Pic

Dan Ferguson:

Dan Ferguson Angel Dad