The predictions are apocalyptic, panic reactions catastrophic…

We are all going to die!

Children’s playgrounds and parks will be turned into cemeteries, body bags will be dumped in mass graves and overflowing morgues, zombies shall be stumbling through the streets of megalopolis… It plays out like a scene from a horror film, bad one at that. But alas, no, it is not a film but real world, planet Earth 2020.

The world is being put through a grinder by a powerful globalist cabal, directing the real time snuff film, and we are all playing a part. They are testing the limits of human suffering by manipulating and controlling the economy, financial markets, food supplies, healthcare, even the basic freedom of movement.

By utilizing the major pillars of societal control, including international organizations, media, academia, and entertainment industry, they have sowed fear and loathing within the world. The out of touch elites have enlisted the media and celebrities for ridiculous public service announcements, to sing us songs of positivity and togetherness from their palatial mansions and compounds.

Clearly, much more is rolling behind the hill, and Coronavirus is being used as the final sledgehammer to annihilate the world as we know it, remaking it into Orwellian nightmare.

Needless to say that it is pertinent to take the virus seriously, as it is not yet fully understood and the data is scarce.

One life lost is always one too many, and there is no question about that. However, we also must make note of the appearance of this pandemic as a suspiciously timed blessing for those wanting to push a specific agenda onto the world.

It is a perfect storm, and one final attempt to also destroy the man who so threatens and disrupts their world of absolute but fragile power. The ultimate target, the person standing between us and them, President Donald J. Trump.

The President has beat the impeachment, the Democrats are running out of talking points, and both their party and the presidential candidate are a complete mess. The stock market is setting records, trade wars are being won, no migrant caravans, no school shootings, American people are back at work, the economy is booming, foreign wars are winding down, all is well in the land of the free…

World pandemic, what an ideal occasion to demonstrate the incompetence of the hated by them, loved by the people, President Trump. An unprecedented, continuous and aggressive coup against a duly elected president keeps intensifying, and it will not desist until he is taken out, by all means necessary.

We have heard it all from those on the left, from CNN, MSNBC, BBC, the domestic and international fake news, the various bottom feeders of the domestic and global Swamp, the pundits, the ‘experts’, the little tyrants across the US states, authoritarians in foreign countries, all the while they point fingers at the ‘emperor of populism’.

Luckily, their unclean conscience is showing, painting them all as a sad alternative, making certain that President Trump will come out of this even stronger. The more persistent and aggressive they become, the landslide victory by President Trump becomes more certain.

Officials and various ‘experts’, seeders of mass hysteria continue to enjoy their role of a ‘world savior’, creating a virtual spectacle of contradicting information on a daily basis. Even with a consistent stream of data driven common sense solutions, the global doom experts continue to justify the panic, the waste of resources, the closure of the earth, the totalitarian limiting of freedoms via artificially created fear, even though it is clear that the situation is far from cataclysmic as they announced.

The reality is that the numbers in this epidemic are dropping drastically from day to day, even with highly inflated numbers.

Many hospitals have been empty for weeks, including temporary mock-up hospitals in various convention centers and other facilities, the repurposed 500-bed US Navy hospital ship Comfort is leaving NYC after seeing only 179 patients, the initial predictions of those infected and dead have been greatly overestimated and adjusted, the NYC’s Hart Island Cemetery has not buried anyone else but the homeless, as it has done for the past 151 years, more people continue to die from the flu, obesity, smoking, heart failure and other diseases…one could go on, and on.

If one follows just a basic line of critical thinking, some serious questions must be asked. Have the irresponsible and reckless, cataclysmic predictions, and draconian shelter in-place measures implemented around the US and the world been justified by the statistics and the actual situation on the ground?

How do we compare the situation on the ground with the idea of an apocalyptic insanity that has been carefully sown for a month? Finally, are the measures justified, and will they, if prolonged, have more severe, intended or unintended consequences than the disease itself?

President Trump warned that the cure cannot be more dangerous and devastating than the virus itself.

As he is looking to open the economy, and put as much federal funding into the pockets of American people and small businesses that are the backbone of the US economy, the Democrats continue to play politics, the media spins every word into a negative connotation, while the American workers are losing the economic footing they have gained during the first three years of President Trump’s America First policy.

The recommendations to open the country have already been made by the President, with the task force in full swing to cooperate with the governors and mayors to implement them at their discretion and pace.

The problem is that some of them would prefer not to do so, as they are enjoying the roles of little tyrants, who can drain more federal funding for their failing and bankrupted states if the crisis continues to be presented as a continuous existential threat.

In some states, this authoritarian spree with draconic rules has become so unbearable, that massive protests across the US are already underway, threatening to turn to civil unrest against the extended hand of the global cabal, manifesting through local little tyrants. Their motto is when the common man obeys the rules, the system works, even when the rules are wrong.

They insist on keeping their states closed, forcing people to stay home, completely abolishing the freedom of movement as an unprecedented humiliation of the population that is solely dependent on the welfare state.

Certain US states and foreign countries including Sweden South Korea, Belarus, to name a few have not followed the draconian guidelines, and they have managed to contain the virus, flatten the curve, while building ‘herd immunity’ without total devastation to their economies.

They have demonstrated enviable level of rational logic that people are intelligent and socially responsible to take care of their own lives when there is a real danger, without their governments disseminating false and contradictory information.

Being rational means assessing the situation well, weighing it properly, looking at the long-term consequences, the overall consequences – not just the consequences of one disease during one pandemic.

The now famous Dr. Fauci also failed the rational assessing test, since he viewed his specialty in narrow terms, feeding the need for panic.

As a doctor he was obliged to take a holistic approach to the overall health of the population he cared about, including not only the direct effect of the virus, but the mental, emotional, social, economic, and all other consequences of the measures mandated.

Unfortunately, just as Dr. Fauci, many other global health experts at the forefront of this pandemic take their cues, narratives and recommendations from the WHO, UN, Big Pharma, and their philanthropist and ‘health expert’ in chief, Bill Gates, who is now the biggest donor to the WHO, as President Trump rightfully pulled the US funding.

The international pressure that is already being built around the urgent need to vaccinate the entire world population against Covid-19, with vaccination certificate planed in order to be allowed to travel and freely move about, is telling us that we do not have sole ownership and sovereignty over our own bodies.

The barrage of insults is being directed towards those who even dare question the motives or benefits of the vaccine, as it happened with the international tennis superstar from Serbia, the world No. 1, Novak Djokovic. He has been demonized and placated on the wall of shame by the international media, simply for saying that he is not sure that he wants to take a vaccine, and he will have to decide what is best for his own body when the time comes.

The conclusion is simple. A combination of genuine information, caution and localization of vulnerable populations is a successful recipe that globalist politicians, their expert henchmen, and entertainment professionals did not want to implement.

Total and absolute control is the ultimate goal, realizing that humanity can easily be manipulated to sink into the abyss, quickly, almost imperceptibly. But it is not the abyss of contagion and disease that physically destroys humanity, it is the abyss of total control and the loss of human dignity.

We have been able to distinguish between the real and false defenders and prophets of freedom in these turbulent times.

The latter is the ‘scientific’ cult, beloved by every totalitarian regime as a perfect and rational specimen of scientific dogma, a citizen of Orwellian dystopia, exemplary but vain, obedient but stupid, alive but scared.

The former are in the vast majority, and we find them in the most unlikely and forgotten places; labeled and demonized by the elites as the ‘backward, ordinary, deplored and despised’ populations who are inherently just and righteous, and have an instinctive urge to defend freedom.

The lines in the sand are drawn, and mine are falling to the side of the imperfect and erroneous, but dignified creature, whose potential death is less terrible than living in the cabalist ‘brave new world’.


Dr. Olga Ravasi is one of our featured guests on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, enjoy her extraordinary interview here…


olga ravassiAbout the author: Dr. Olga Ravasi is an expert in Balkan affairs, South Central Europe, and the Middle East, carrying the designation of Highly Qualified Expert, Dr. Olga Ravasi advises U.S. corporate, government, and nongovernmental organization clients on matters affecting their plans, interests, and operations in these regions.

As a scholar and educator, with an artistic and media background, Olga is professor of political science, teaching courses in American government, comparative government, international relations, and foreign policy. She is a liaison to the U.S. Congress. Olga co-founded an ethnic media organization; carries an International Press Credential; and serves on several boards of educational, humanitarian, and nongovernmental organizations. She is active in national politics and presidential campaigns.

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