The latest revelation in General’s Flynn case had the same effect as the groundhog’s shadow. The weather is about to turn nasty.

The appointment of Christopher Wray as FBI Director in August of 2017 could have been the sunshine replacing the clouds of corruption wreaked by the Comey gang.

Has anyone seen Director Wray?

Someone needed to walk point after Comey was fired when allegations of FBI corruption were rampant. The public needed a face to assure us that some people may have violated their oath, but it was being handled. Wray didn’t require the Inspector General, Attorney General or Congressional committees to investigate wrongdoing inside the Bureau.

The FBI had always handled its dirty laundry in-house because, prior to the Comey Gang, we were the finest law enforcement agency on earth.

The overwhelming majority of FBI agents are seekers of truth minus prejudice or ideology. But our leaders have cracked the foundation and any rebuilding requires the…“truth… the whole truth….and, nothing but the …truth.”

Records released this past week indicate anything but the truth. FBI agents documented their pre-planned ambush on Gen. Flynn stating… “what is our goal? Truth/ Admission or to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

FBI agents may strategize approaches prior to interviewing a subject but never discuss entrapment via a perjury trap. The stated goal of, “get him to lie,” indicates that Flynn would not have lied had Agents’ Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka it they had not planted their IED.

“Getting” someone to break the law is proof that their visit was to create the crime. Another indication that the entire interview was a flimsy attempt to flip Flynn on Trump was their last option, “or get him fired.”

Our FBI credentials clearly state that agents are, “charged with the duty of investigating violations of laws….”

Getting someone fired is not a law enforcement duty. It would best be accomplished by the Human Resource Department and not the Justice Department. Flynn was simply collateral damage for the intended target; President Trump.

Director Wray was aware of these facts when he took the oath of office yet chose a bystander role.

To begin the restoration of the FBI’s reputation, Director Wray needs to stare the American public in the eye and say, “I promise to investigate the allegations no matter where they lead, I promise that criminal actors will be prosecuted and I promise to be transparent.” That has not happened.

The FBI did provide a statement that under Wray’s leadership, “the FBI has fully cooperated and been transparent with the review being conducted and turned over relevant Flynn materials to the U.S. attorney probing possible FBI criminal misconduct.”

Official statements are often clever examples of verbal gymnastics. Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell stated that she was denied exculpatory evidence which could prove prosecutorial misconduct.

Wray had the duty and obligation to turn over these documents which were not classified but embarrassing to the Bureau. Instead Director Wray stonewalled FOIA requests for FBI documents which cost General Flynn millions of dollars in legal fees, family home, reputation, and stress.

The prosecution of Flynn started mid-2017. The information produced has been in FBI files during Wray’s tenure, but it took AG Barr to release the documents while the FBI Director issued alibi statements for his inaction.

Some accuse Director Wray of being part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice and Congress. I don’t agree that Wray willfully conspired with anyone to break the law. The FBI’s current fiasco is a direct result of failed leadership.

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “The supreme quality of leadership is integrity.”

Plain and simple. You can get caught in the weeds analyzing the many details which caused the current state of decline, but it began and remains a void in leadership. The culture of an institution directly relates to its success or failure, and that culture is determined by its leaders.

The results of poor leadership in the corporate world can cost some dough but poor leadership in law enforcement and the military can cost a life. The current void in FBI leadership is due to culture change, political correctness and problems in mentoring and recruitment.

Another factor contributing to the FBI’s problems is the false belief that FBI Directors require law degrees. The FBI Director is appointed by the President and there has never been a non-attorney to serve at that position.

The public also falsely believes that FBI Directors are former agents but only Clarence Kelly and Louie Freeh spent time as agents. The FBI has thousands of attorneys and a separate legal counsel office. We do not require an attorney to lead a law enforcement agency. We come from different cultures.

Sadly, the FBI will be in the news for several more years if the Durham grand jury does its job. Indictments will result in prolonged legal wrangling of cooperators, pleas, trials, and new evidence. It will take years of legal disinfectant to restore the FBI’s reputation.

Where is Director Wray?


About the author:   John Ligato is a retired FBI agent who worked on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He spent 8 years in deep cover and was later a pilot on the FBI’s special operations group.

As a Marine in Vietnam, John was the recipient of three Purple Hearts. As an adjunct professor for Campbell University, John taught international security and counter terrorism at MCB Camp LeJeune North Carolina. He is the author of 5 books, the latest is, THE COMEY GANG.

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