Joe Biden has been quick to defend China and even said…

“They’re Not Bad Folks…They’re Not Competition for Us.”

As the Trump campaign has pointed out, Joe Biden is China’s puppet…

If Joe Biden is elected, he will also be a puppet for the socialist Democrat party that will absolutely destroy America.

I was recently interviewed about socialism in America and how the coronavirus gave Americans a bitter taste of socialism.

I explained why we must remember how it felt to be told by the government where we can go, when we can go, who we can go with, when we can open our businesses, if our business is essential…that’s socialism!

Plus I revealed why and how America will have the greatest economic comeback ever under President Trump’s leadership.  Listen to the entire interview here…


Like President Trump declared, “America will never be a socialist country.”

However, if Biden is elected, America will be a socialist country. 

We cannot allow this to happen.  We must fight against the radical left and vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump!


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