So Joe Biden, black people who do not vote for you are not really black or maybe not black enough? 

I’ve heard that phrase all my life as a so-called “oreo.” The sad thing is this statement is coming from someone running for president of the United States of America in 2020.

Joe, you have a sketchy civil rights past in your early career…

You speak about beating up black people and playing with their black kids at the pool and we’re supposed to let this go? Not so fast! You are well documented not supporting desegregation for the little faux black girl Kamala Harris.

Hey Joe! What were you thinking bro? Did you have to say that to a black host in a racially stereotyped dialect? Aww come on man! I think your filter went out with the mental issues the media keeps hiding.

Racism 101 is stereotyping everyone as the same.

According to you, we don’t have our own mind to think for ourselves. What are we supposed to do but fall in line with the stereotypes you put out for us?

Was that a black sleeper cell activation message to all of us blacks and roaches you must pander to every four years?

What would be next if you became president? What filter-less racism would you spew about blacks and other minorities in public that you have no idea you are saying?

I saw how you put Stacey Abrams up front to make it looks like you have black friends on national television, but you had no intentions to add her to your short list did you? Will you have Blacks in your cabinet that are articulate enough to be acceptable to you?

Joe, you say President Donald J. Trump is a racist but there are no records, statements, or proof of him hating blacks. Heck, he has NAACP awards, hung out with civil rights leaders, and dated a black woman.

What have you done besides tell us Romney was going to “Put y’all back in chains.” with a racist accent again! We are tired of the media downplaying people like you and your racist stories and comments.

My advice to you Joe is hang it up while you can still remember what your doing. You and Hillary need to stop making racist statements in a stereotyped speech pattern while talking to the Black audiences. I’m black and you don’t see me doing that!

Why didn’t Charlemagne react to Biden’s statement with outrage? Why didn’t the breakfast club ask Hillary for proof she had hot sauce in her purse? They played along and then asked for handouts for the Black community.

Racist Joe Biden, you are not going to help people you call roaches!

You did not help us in your 40 year career as a public servant, and you will not help us if you become President. A tiger can’t change his stripes, and you can’t change your hidden thoughts about Black Americans you obviously take for granted.


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Kevin WhiteAbout the author: Kevin White is a retired veteran of the United States Air force serving 30 years all over the world. He is a strong conservative who believes in patriotism, nationalism and peace through strength. Kevin encourages others to utilize skills and education to rise above their current limited social restrictions. Kevin works in the aviation industry with skills he learned from his military career. His leisure time hobbies are writing and guitar. He resides near Dayton Ohio with his wife and two daughters.