Black Americans are in a deceptive love affair with the Democrat party, while the Democrat party does not return the love back.

It is puzzling to me why African Americans chose the party that goes against their traditional conservative values with contrary priorities that do not include American Black interests.

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Like a one-sided user, the Democrat politicians always think they have the Black vote sown up when they do token minority campaigns for their reelections. Democrats feel they need to talk down to blacks, even use stereotyped language to “connect” with them.

Why don’t most Blacks find that insulting?

The reason is probably because they flat out believe the narrative that Republican party is the party of overt racism. Many blacks I know believe whatever the MSM tells them. No need for research or fact checking. Besides, Snopes will figure it out for them.

Belief is a hard thing to overcome in African American community. If a lie is told long enough it becomes a fact to many. No matter how many facts the other side presents, the cultural conditioning trumps the truth of this subject.

As an African American, one of the hardest things I have ever done was to convince other Blacks that the Democrat party stands for everything most Blacks are against. For example, gay rights, abortions, illegal immigration, and anti-Christian policies.

Democrat politicians are rarely doing anything positive to make the Black economy thrive. We are failing with schools, lack of jobs, dangerous neighborhoods, and a shortage of food supplies.

In fact, they are supporting abortion loving planned parenthood in Black neighborhoods and making sure they are available and necessary during COVID19.

Meanwhile the Congressional Black Caucus remains a dysfunctional tool to sway Black opinions while lining their own pockets in the process.1 The CBC is full of corrupt members such as Sheila Jackson lee, former member Charlie Rangel, Alcee Hastings, Maxine Walters and Chaka Fattah.

Even When President Obama was in charge, life did not improve for Black Americans. It got worse!

If you talk to most Blacks, they will say he was the best President we ever had. When he was elected, everyone thought he was going to turn the tables and finally take care of African Americans with free phones, free gas, and reparations even if it was only in the form of a Mule and 40 acres.

While in office, Obama went on a full-on assault against Black values by criticizing Christian beliefs, supporting gay marriage and Men in Women’s changing rooms. He supported abortions and defended the black lives matter movement. All that said, Most African Americans LOVED him with utter blindness.

Its clear he never returned their love back, instead he took their blind loyalty for granted, as if it were an unwritten privilege granted to him because he was half black.

Where were the reparations?

Where were the jobs?

What did President Obama accomplish that benefited Blacks?

Jay Z and Beyoncé got a free pass to Cuba, Al Sharpton got his own locker in the White House and The Black Panthers became quasi law enforcement for directing voters in Philadelphia.

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The end of the world arrived for many Blacks when Donald Trump was elected President in 2016. Many of my friends believed he was a racist that was bent on suppressing Blacks, only because they said so on the MSM networks.

To this day, after all the fair and just economic policy accomplishments of President Trump, most Blacks I know still will not utter his name; The call him “45” with disgust. They are blindly following the Democrat mantra they are programmed to accept.

Democrats talk smooth and promise the world to the Black community, but like a bad relationship, they rarely honor their word. Blacks continue to support them no matter what. President Trump delivers on his specific promises to the Blacks, yet the love is not mutual.

I believe the tide is turning based on the awareness of the BLEXIT movement as woke blacks are moving from the Democrat plantation, possibly pushing 20% or more of the African American vote to the Republican party in November of 2020.

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