30-year-old Anthony Weimer was arrested in Montana for pulling down a 10 Commandments monument on the grounds of the Flathead County Courthouse.

(Anthony Weimer - Flathead County Sheriff's Office)
(Anthony Weimer – Flathead County Sheriff’s Office)

Police responded after callers reported seeing a man attach a chain to a pickup truck before pulling down the monument into the street and leaving it.

Anthony Weimer

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King called for all white Jesus statues to be torn down so it’s no surprise that religious statues and monuments are beginning to fall.

It doesn’t matter who does their dirty work. Simply calling for the destruction of property especially religious symbols causes violence at the hands of people that don’t understand that they are puppets of the far left.

When liberals plant seeds of hate, evil begins to blossom in America.

Wake up Christians…your faith is under attack!


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