School boards across the country are expelling police officers from their schools. Kids will end up paying the price — some, perhaps, with their lives.

I’ll be the first to tell you that not all school resource officers are good men. When a psychopath murdered my daughter Meadow and 16 others in Parkland, our school resource officer hid and let it happen.

But after that tragedy, Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature didn’t decide on collective punishment for all school resource officers. The horrific reality reinforced the importance of having a good man with a badge on campus. They, and Congress, invested to bolster the presence of law enforcement on campus.

They did that because, unlike the media and Democratic politicians, rather than rush to exploit a tragedy to advance a political agenda, they took a hard look at what actually happened.

A psychopath with a gun was given 11 minutes in a building with 800 children. Two brave unarmed men sacrificed their lives trying to stop him.

When you analyze school shootings that have happened here in Florida and across the country second-by-second, as I have, you start to become astonished that we haven’t yet seen one take more than a hundred children’s lives. Almost every time, the only thing that stops a child-murderer with a gun is a good man with a gun.

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I pray that we won’t see a school shooting in Minneapolis, Seattle or Denver — all cities in which schools have recently ended contracts with police departments, a decision that will cost dozens or hundreds of lives.

But I fear that we will. I almost expect it, in part because those school boards have all guaranteed that if someone starts murdering kids, he’ll have at least a few minutes of totally free rein.


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