On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was narratively murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis Minnesota while a bystander records a 10-minute video of the event, sparking national outrage, especially the Black community at large.

Whether or not it was racially motivated remains to be seen this early into the investigation. Tensions grew exponentially after the police officer responsible was fired but not arrested immediately.

Soon tensions led to protests and looting in Minneapolis the next night, even after Chauvin was arrested and charged with the crime. Keep in mind, many African Americans in inner cities do not see the police as being on their side.

What does not make sense it why the Black community in general is so concerned with the death of one man when these things happen more often than most people realize but never make news.

The difference is the evidence of a sensationalized video, hung like fresh meat for the public to feast over. In my personal experience, “Seeing is believing” for many in the African American community.

What they saw was white on black and the familiar phrase “I can’t breathe.” This reminds us of the Eric Garner case in New York City in 2014, thus a trigger for this event.

Many of my Black friends are saying their beyond upset due to the senseless act against Mr. Floyd and think race relations are getting worse because of President Trump.  If I remember correctly, we had far more incidents under 8 long years of the previous Obama administration without blaming the commander in Chief.

Perceptions are not always what they seem especially the way the media presents it the way they want to on the national news. In fact, we now know that George and Derek were coworkers in the past.

A racist would not be willing to kill someone he knows as well as we understand. That was more likely a purely cold and neglectful act if anything else.

Many major cities are now experiencing riots and protests based on assumptions and forces wanting the racism narrative to be the underlying reason. Peaceful protests are fine to bring awareness but when demonstrations get out of control leading to violence and destruction of property, the whole movement is ruined.

The black community largely does not stand for looting and destruction in their neighborhoods but there are fringe elements that look for an excuse to break in and steal in the name of “justice.”

Taking your frustrations out on a local merchant does nothing to help anyone! As I stated, these acts are excuses for them to get free stuff at the cost of the mysterious “Man.” Driving the looting with greater destruction is the insurgence of Antifa. 

President Trump and AG Barr have warned us that many of the violent riots are being led by the anarchist terrorist group Antifa, headquartered in someone’s mom’s basement. They are being paid to interfere in racially charged situation by pushing neighborhoods into more violent acts of destruction.

That alone does not take the onus off the Blacks who are literally ruining their own neighborhoods and destroying neighbor’s properties. Group identity takes responsibility from the individuals involved. Antifa knows this and are taking this to maximum levels.

All these violent acts will NOT bring justice to this situation! Justice starts at the hands of the law in Minneapolis. Those who break the law rioting must face consequences as well.

Martin Luther King Jr. taught us how peaceful protests and civil disobedience are the most effective ways to resolve our social issues.

Where is the black leadership in Minnesota and other cities under attack?

Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson if they truly are the supposed leaders of African Americans?

Where is President Obama leading the community into reasonableness?

Is there no more leadership in the Black community?

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Kevin WhiteAbout the author: Kevin White is a retired veteran of the United States Air force serving 30 years all over the world. He is a strong conservative who believes in patriotism, nationalism and peace through strength. Kevin encourages others to utilize skills and education to rise above their current limited social restrictions. Kevin works in the aviation industry with skills he learned from his military career. His leisure time hobbies are writing and guitar. He resides near Dayton Ohio with his wife and two daughters.

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