While the coronavirus has devastated the American economy, business owner support for President Trump is stronger than ever.


Because Trump breathed new life back into America’s economy and restored hope in the American dream like never before…and he will do it again even stronger!

Business owners and entrepreneurs believe this. They also know that as a businessman, President Trump personally understands their current struggles.

Here are three reasons why business owners continue to support President Trump during this time of crisis in America…

Reason #1. Trump believes in capitalism. While the Democrats are hailing socialism, President Trump has been our loudest voice on capitalism even declaring at his State of Union address “America will never be a socialist country!”

The coronavirus crisis has given business owners a bitter taste of what socialism sounds like and feels like. As the virus spread, the government began to control their level of income by telling them what businesses could stay open and what businesses had to close.

The socialist Democrats continue to talk about what the government will “give” to the people when they take power back in Washington, but business owners aren’t fooled by their promises of free resources.

U.S. business owners and entrepreneurs know their continued support for Trump is synonymous with supporting our free enterprise, capitalistic economy that empowers Americans to achieve the level of success desired through grit, determination, and hard work.

Reason #2. Trump focuses on economic growth. We have a leader in the Oval office who understands that creating a growth-environment will lead to growth. And, because he’s been successful himself becoming a billionaire businessman, he knows what needs to be done to restart the American economy and how to do it.

This growth will be driven by Americans going back to work, businesses reopening, and Trump continuing to increase domestic production, which will create more jobs and decrease our dependence on foreign countries like China.

Based on the strength of the economy before covid-19, this is guaranteed to be the greatest economic comeback in history.

That’s right, let me repeat…

This is guaranteed to be the greatest economic comeback in history!

There’s simply no other alternative in the mind of President Trump, and business owners believe in his proven track record.

Reason #3. Trump creates confidence. Prior to the coronavirus crisis, the Trump economy gave business owners and entrepreneurs confidence to do two things: jump in by starting a business for the first time and expand, hire, and accelerate growth in an existing business.

The record-breaking, thriving economy empowered Americans because not only could they save – they can see measurable growth in their investments and retirement plans. Quite simply, the Trump-driven economic boom created opportunities like never before.

No politician, candidate or group of Democratic socialists could possibly change or lessen the support business owners have for President Trump because of the record-breaking booming economy that restored our belief that achieving the American dream was possible.

Not even the coronavirus will slow the momentum of Trump’s focus or chip away at the passionate support of business owners and feelings of empowerment he has instilled in hard-working Americans who are ready to vote for four more years.

Ultimately, this crisis brought President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan alive. It’s no longer just a rally chant or words on a red hat that offend Democrats.

“Make America Great Again” is President Trump’s promise to Americans that our nation will emerge from this shutdown with great strength and reclaim our top seat as the world’s leading economic power.

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