“I can’t breathe!” 

The gut wrenching last words uttered by a dying man’s lips as he was gasping for his final breath. We heard you Mr. Floyd, America heard you, the world heard you!

The people heeded your call, not one particular race, but the people of all colors and creeds rose up in peaceful protest to honor your memory, to plead with the system. All eyes were on Minneapolis, American voices galvanized and unified in support of your plight, exercising the 1st Amendment right to demand change, to seek justice!

It was a great opportunity to come together in solidarity, to use the stage given to finally do some good and have your voice heard, as the condemnation for the brutality that unraveled before our eyes came in unison from every corner of our nation.

And then, an incredible shift happened.

As the world watched, there developed a current reality show de-jour, paralyzing the nation yet again. From Covid-19 and social distancing one day, to rioting and looting the major American cities the next, the instigators of constant turmoil in this country have casually moved on to the next scripted production, forgetting all conditions imposed on the nation for over two months, and sadly manipulating the primary reason; justice for George Floyd!

The elitist cabal directing these productions and moving the chess pieces, birthed competing narratives playing out at the same time, and as one was waning, it was suddenly and effortlessly replaced by the other.

Before we all could gasp for another breath, the entire country went up in flames being torn apart by racial tensions, frustration, anger, manifesting itself in the ugliest, most violent and unprecedented pillaging that is tearing the very fabric on which America was built.  Rent-a-protesters showed up, instigators, agitating agents with coordinated and already seen tactics, dress code, signals, symbols, hijacking and weaponizing another senseless tragedy, so the crisis does not go to waste.

And this is precisely what encapsulates the diabolical nature of the left, liberal progressive elitist forces that use the minorities as cannon fodder, as they have done for decades, crippling them into a vicious cycle of poverty, violence and failure.

As we see time and time again, and in the words of CNN’s own Van Jones, it’s not the racist white person, who is in the Ku Klux Klan that we have to worry about, but the white, liberal Hillary Clinton supporter. In this case, many Biden and Bernie supporters as well.

Shape-shifting from one organization to the next, today’s ANTIFA is no friend to the African American community and is a menace to the core of the American society. It is a domestic terrorist organization and the President is right to declare it so. Those who fund it, who provide the resources and the logistics have to face the harshest punishment.

As the current developments are underway, President Trump has to act swiftly and decisively, and if the law enforcement and the National Guard are not able to curb the chaos, our military needs to be deployed immediately. For it is the job of our military to protect us here at home against foreign and domestic terrorists who are looking to subvert the rule of law, the democratic process and institutions.

It is a breakdown of society through the tactics well known and already applied around the world. President Trump has to realize that he is, and always has been the ultimate target, and if chaos is not stopped, sadly it may be game over in America. This cannot be allowed!

But one may ask, how did we get here?

So let us rewind a little bit and globalize the issue for a moment, as some of us who have been paying close attention know that history is a great teacher, and having lived through similar situations, we can recognize the all too familiar blueprint.

Presupposed narrative establishes that empires rise and empires fall, often through the looking glass of internal demons, facing the imploding consequences of history, ultimately determining their own survival. Certainly that has been the case with every great empire ever existed, and the United States is no different, particularly at this point in time. It is a seemingly downward spiral of potentially grave global consequence.

All great empires collapsed under a particular set of common circumstances. Unsustainable debt and fiscal policy reflected in fiat currency, social decadence and social engineering, civil unrest, centralization of power, assimilation and absorption by imported foreign entities who deeply resent their new host nation, military conquest and imperial war appetite, elimination of the middle class, just to name a few.

The United States in particular has been fulfilling most of the aforementioned criteria as its insatiable globalist elite has been running an unsustainable debt, relying on a devalued fiat currency regulated and inflated by the Federal Reserve, social and immigration policies that threaten American sense of common identity, unquenchable thirst for war and military conquest bankrupting the country, offshoring jobs and destroying the American production and working class, while fanning the flames of hatred and division.

That begs the following question: could an empire face the destiny of its own creation, meaning can it become its own collateral damage, imploding at its own hands?

For decades now, then private citizen and now President Trump, recognizing the dangers ahead, has been pointing out these fatal faults, vocalizing his disagreement with the devastating and disastrous globalist policies that have been slowly suffocating the United States.

American people have become hostages of these policies, alienated, divided and pinned against one another. The ostracized Americans, tired of the status quo, labeled intolerant, bigoted, racist and hateful, all the while they have built the most diverse and immigrant friendly, prosperous and welcoming country in the world have had enough.

The only thing they had left was their vote, and they spoke their peace in 2016. The trajectory changed as President Trump’s first order of business was fulfilling exactly these kinds of campaign promises and uprooting and draining the swamp.

A true change was underway, coming at a great cost to the globalist deep state, and Western geopolitical order and established construct. Usurping their power painted a target on President Trump’s back, and they have been working on removing him from power ever since, clearly at any cost necessary, including a civil war.

President Trump became a grave threat to the order which signed a death sentence to its own people, pursuing time and time again flawed policies both in the US and Europe. Through the dictate of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, the Europeans face a devastating, non-organic, well organised and coordinated migrant crisis.

Terror attacks have been consistently rocking the world, the wave of rapes and violence across Sweden, Germany and other European countries have become the ‘new normal.’

On the other side, the United States is not isolated and immune to the disease of the regressive liberal elite, that has been driving highly flawed immigration policies, undermining the legal, middle class workforce, driving unemployment and subverting the essence of the free market, while monopolizing it completely.

As yet another tool of subversion against the sovereignty and national identity of various nations across the globe, the globalist elite has midwifed and further nurtured the concept of the ‘color revolution and regime change.’

The term “color” refers to how a single color, symbol, slogan, or demand is promoted and repeated, to inflame passion and retard reason.

It was first applied in former Yugoslavia and Serbia, during the ouster of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, using as guideline the Gene Sharp’s playbook “From Dictatorship to Democracy.” The color revolution was funded by an intricate web of NGOs that all link back to the billionaire mastermind, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.

The contractors who carried out the dirty deed in Serbia, were protesters for hire, mostly university students, headed by Srdja Popovic, founder of the organization called OTPOR (Resistance), later morphing into CANVAS. This same blueprint, after proving successful in Serbia, was directly applied across the globe, in Latin America, to the Arab Spring, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria, to Georgia and Ukraine.

Their well known tactics have been utilized across the globe, targeting and manipulating impressionable idealistic youth, who think they fight for true democracy and better future, into the subcontractors of globalist counterinsurgency and coup d’etats. According to the needs of the revolutionaries for hire, we have learned that someone’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. The symbol of the color revolutionists has been the clenched fist.

With that in mind, fast forward to the current American chaos. Someone’s peaceful protesters are another’s rioters and looters. Same tactics, same blueprint, same symbols. And it all leads back to the same puppet masters if you follow the history, and of course the money!

The same strategy has been practiced many times, perfecting the narrative of exploiting and weaponizing the most vulnerable and sensitive, emotionally driven issues of a particular society, whether it be a tribal discord, religious or ethnic divide, and in American case, racial tensions.

The powers that be have openly turned to fascism and are driving the nation down the rabbit hole undermining “We the People”, while centralizing their own power through the web of special interest groups. It is this same elite that has ruled over Washington D.C. for decades, turning the natural given right to life and liberty of all, into a privilege, and a heavily infringed upon privilege, by the hand of unelected government bureaucracy.

President Donald Trump threatens this absolutist pecking order, and the aggressive coup is consistently on the horizon. From the Russia hoax, Flynn entrapment and FISA abuses, Kavanaugh appointment, to dirty porn star allegations, failed impeachment, and Covid-19 disaster, to finally civil and race war, all options are on the table.

Anything that may scare people about President Donald Trump has already been done by the administrations of President Clinton, Bush and Obama.  Granted it has been layered in a thick sugar coating of pandering, with a cherry on top, for the politically correct and, oh so sensitive consumption.

But it is President Trump’s unapologetic stance in the cultural warfare unraveling right in front of us that makes him the exact kind of a leader the nation needs at the moment. He has taken the mighty hammer called political correctness out of the hands of the entitled elite, and is smacking them on the head with it. The approach, disliked by many, may be brutal, but necessary at this time.

It is often said that when all sides are attacking someone, that person must be doing something right as they are clearly a threat. Defining a man by his enemies, even a man deeply disliked, we may in fact find a much desired common ground in order to prevail.

By carefully examining Trump’s enemies and facing the fact that the billionaire George Soros, the color revolutionist in-chief, and regime change mastermind, and his unofficial successor comrades like Pierre Omidyar, Bill Gates and others have poured insane amounts of money into opposing political elite as well as infiltrated and usurped organizations such as Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Moveon.org, Me Too movements with commemorative vagina hats, and finally ANTIFA, which is currently seeding chaos on the streets of American cities, speaks volumes about two different Americas we live in.

President Trump has an inherently deep common sense instinct on how to deal with this multifaceted monster suffocating America, but his advisors seem to lead him at times into a deceptive playing field the President is not at home on.

Fascism comes from those who in the name of tolerance and democracy infringe and stifle the liberty and freedom of the opposition. It is not the people’s will to have paid protesters at peaceful rallies.

For long now globalist politicians and protesters for hire have left a strong mark on the global order and have fomented their entire legacies on this platform, while in fact making hefty careers out of treason against the very people they claim to represent.

But chickens do come home to roost and politics is a contact sport, particularly in the current American landscape.

After the globalist cabal has unleashed chaos around the world for decades now, the spontaneous gathering and reckoning of “We The People” might finally find its way home.

At this point the road splits in two, and we have to carefully choose our path; the globalist colored American fall, or a new sovereign American spring, in more ways than just a seasonal change.


Dr. Olga Ravasi is one of our featured guests on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, enjoy her extraordinary interview here…


olga ravassiAbout the author: Dr. Olga Ravasi is an expert in Balkan affairs, South Central Europe, and the Middle East, carrying the designation of Highly Qualified Expert, Dr. Olga Ravasi advises U.S. corporate, government, and nongovernmental organization clients on matters affecting their plans, interests, and operations in these regions.

As a scholar and educator, with an artistic and media background, Olga is professor of political science, teaching courses in American government, comparative government, international relations, and foreign policy. She is a liaison to the U.S. Congress. Olga co-founded an ethnic media organization; carries an International Press Credential; and serves on several boards of educational, humanitarian, and nongovernmental organizations. She is active in national politics and presidential campaigns.

Learn more about Dr. Olga Ravasi at https://www.thecsgs.org/olga-ravasi