This is a *Public Announcement* about the Conservative Business Journal’s Mission to fight for America…

Right now, there are a lot of media outlets, companies, and businesses bowing down to the pressures of the liberal left.  That’s why we believe it’s important to share exactly where we stand on these issues.

Our goal is to conserve and protect the Conservative values of Honesty, Hard Work, and Integrity that are the rock-solid foundation of America.

We support President Trump, respect the American flag, stand side by side with fellow Americans, cling to our Bibles for hope, believe in God, and will forever fight for the country that we call home…the United States of America!

Kneeling is reserved for Jesus, and we proudly stand for the American flag.

Yes!  We are Christians, and we won’t take a backseat in shame to any other religion. If you try to tear down our churches, then we will stand like biblical warriors and fight for our faith.

We will NOT back down or change our minds about who we are and what we stand for as Warriors for Christ.

Last but definitely not least…

We support and promote Conservative business owners and entrepreneurs plus we believe in capitalism, because it allows God’s greatness to shine through and provides opportunities to be prosperous.

This is much different than the liberal, out of touch companies and businesses that are promoting the agenda of the far left and trying to destroy America as we know it.

They say that they are committed to defend “social justice”, the belief that EVERYONE deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.

But if social justice is for EVERYONE, then why aren’t these companies fighting for ALL Americans to have those rights instead of just who they feel deserves them?

Conservatives seem to be left out of the masses that deserve these rights especially when we support President Donald J. Trump. That’s definitely not social justice, which turns out to be just two words that Democrats are hiding behind to further their agenda.

Being politically correct is not working for Conservatives!  Stand up for what you believe and stop hiding in the shadows waiting for all of this chaos to pass. It’s not going away!

We must stand together as one and fight for America…

Fight for our Conservative values!

Fight for our Faith!

Fight for our Rights under the Constitution! 

Fight for and support Conservative businesses!

As a Capitalism Strategist for over 20 years, I’m equipping Conservative business owners and entrepreneurs to build highly successful businesses by maximizing our free enterprise system.

While the Democrats are pushing socialism, we are strengthening capitalism in America through our efforts with the Conservative Business Journal media outlet and the Conservative Business Journal Podcast.

We are creating an army of Conservative Business Owners and Entrepreneurs so Americans are confident in which businesses they support and patronize. We cannot continue to support businesses trying to tear apart our nation.

Are you interested in joining the Conservative Movement and being recognized for standing up for American values?

Call/Text (561) 847-3467 or Email [email protected]

We are committed to our mission and fighting with you to Keep America Great!


CBJ Business Owner