Businesses across America have been closed for the last two to three months due to the coronavirus crisis. Many business owners are struggling to pay bills and even feed their families.

And then the unthinkable happens…

Rioters and looters destroy their businesses that they’ve worked to build their entire lives. Everything is gone in a matter of minutes. Many have no hopes of reopening, because the damage isn’t covered by insurance and there’s no money left.

Big box stores were not spared. Many were looted and some burned to the ground. While there are large corporations backing these stores, hundreds if not thousands of Americans have lost their jobs until the retailers reopen or possibly forever.

Most of the criminals behind the devastation will never be held accountable. Many of those that were arrested were released because of liberal bail reform laws or their bail was paid by celebrities or elitist groups that want to play the hero.

How about being a hero for American business owners that have lost everything?

To make matters worse, the violence has overshadowed the peaceful protests, causing more outrage than unity.

Here are *17* photos of businesses, small and large, that were looted during the raucous riots across our nation…

west palm beach protest

(Has your business was looted and/or destroyed? Feel free to send your photos to [email protected] so that we can share your story.)

These are just seventeen businesses of hundreds destroyed by criminal looting across our nation. 

How many business owners lost their livelihoods?

  How many Americans lost their jobs?

How many communities lost access to medicine and other essentials?

The loss is great, but Americans are greater. We are fighters and won’t give in to bullies and their liberal left supporters trying to destroy our country.

As a Capitalism Strategist that has worked with business owners and entrepreneurs for nearly two decades, I know what it takes to build a successful business.  I also surround myself with true Patriots that know how to overcome incredible adversity.

On June 11th, I will be hosting the Keep the USA Red Virtual (Online) Event with *9* of these Patriots including to discuss what’s going on in America and offer solutions as to how we move forward in life and business.

One of the featured Speakers will be MyPillow Inventor and CEO Mike Lindell to share how he went from a crack addict to CEO of a multi-million dollar company. His story proves that the impossible is POSSIBLE!

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