Now, that Barack Obama is campaigning for Joe Biden, let’s ask ourselves a very serious question to reflect back on the 8 long years that Obama was President…

What did Obama do for we the citizens of the United States of America?

The change we believed in never materialized for the non-radicals who love this country. How strange in the land of the free that his priority was an untenable healthcare sham that forced everyone to buy a crummy policy with high deductibles and under penalty of law.

Coercion was the theme of many of his policies and black mail was his insurance to get votes passed he needed to enact Obamacare into law. Saul Alinsky would have been proud of his first accomplishment.

Obama was loyal to everyone but the patriots of his own country.

His famous apology tour weakened our global power in the world with him bowing and begging our enemies to forgive us for all the wrongdoing did to make the world safer. The hope we believed in was for Mullahs, foreign dictators, political radicals, communists, Hollywood elites, the gay agenda, the Muslim brotherhood, and workers unions.

Obama’s goal was to downplay American exceptionalism, Israeli sovereignty and promote Islamic awareness instead of Christian ideals our country was built on.

Not only was President Obama a polarizing figure during his tenure but he was actively causing division between Blacks and Whites by choosing sides before hearing the facts.

He defended the Black Panthers in Philadelphia, frequently invited Black Lives Matter leaders in the White house, and hosted Al Sharpton and Muslim brotherhood advisors in the White house. This is no surprise considering his shady past associations with the weather underground, Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan.

The one group of people Obama helped the least were African Americans. Most assumed he would lend a helping hand to pull up his brothers and sisters.

Little did they know President Obama did not care for African Americans, yet he was always seen in stereotyped situations such as playing basketball, eating soul food, hanging with Jay Z, and singing occasional Al green songs in public.

These acts were meant to pacify Blacks into believing he was on their side. It was a disguise for something more nefarious. This bread and circus rouse worked as most Blacks still think he is the best president even to this day.

Instead of a carve out from the Stimulus scam of 2009, Obama did give African Americans 16% unemployment. He reduced money for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and no one blinked an eye at the time.

There was no jealousy when Obama hosted Ramadan events at the White House, extolled how Muslims not Blacks built our country, and proclaimed NASA as a Muslim based entity that needed recognition and ignoring the Black pioneers of the space program. There was no positive change coming for Blacks from the Thursday night frat party White House. 

After more than 50 years of Civil rights policies and leadership, not even a half Black president could bring true economic progress for blacks without the Bureau of Labor Statistics fudging numbers to make it look like the unemployment numbers were improving.

In his first two years Obama, if he really cared could have enacted a law to give Blacks reparations or other (handouts) that could have easily passed the Democratic controlled house and senate.

Obama instead gave billions to Iran and millions to illegals at the border dispersing them into our country by the bus loads.

So for all of my fellow Black Americans out there, before you decide to vote for Joe Biden with the same promise of “hope and change” that Obama campaigned on, ask yourself these questions…

Why weren’t Black Americans first before foreigners in the Obama administration?

Were Black Americans simply useful fodder for racial division?

What progress did Blacks make during the Obama years?

Who was Obama really fighting for?

If you are truthful with yourself about the answers to these questions, then there’s no possible way that you can cast your vote for Joe Biden just because of Barack Obama’s endorsement.


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Kevin WhiteAbout the author: Kevin White is a retired veteran of the United States Air force serving 30 years all over the world. He is a strong conservative who believes in patriotism, nationalism and peace through strength. Kevin encourages others to utilize skills and education to rise above their current limited social restrictions. Kevin works in the aviation industry with skills he learned from his military career. His leisure time hobbies are writing and guitar. He resides near Dayton Ohio with his wife and two daughters.