There were peaceful protests in South Florida in which protesters carried signs to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter message and the recent death of George Floyd. 

Police officers walked side by side with the protesters, talked over concerns, and even prayed together.

However, this all ended when night fell…

Looters and rioters emerged from the darkness. There was no more unity. It was an “us against them” attitude, and lives were in danger.

Sirens were blaring as police officers and fire fighters rushed to the Palm Beach Outlets shopping center area that is within walking distance of our home in West Palm Beach. Helicopters circled the area as violence erupted outside of local West Palm Beach businesses.

west palm beach protest

Here’s the video that my wife, Christie, and I recorded from our front yard less than 1/4 mile from the mayhem…

Many businesses throughout the country just reopened after being closed for two or three months during the coronavirus crisis only to have their businesses ruined by violence.

While big box stores will likely recover, most small businesses will not especially since regular insurance policies don’t cover rioting or looting. Imagine working your entire life for something that is destroyed within minutes.

Unfortunately, very few people will be held accountable for their crime spree, because they work in mobs that quickly ravage cities. The ones that are arrested are being bailed out by celebrities and Democrats, whose hate for President Trump is greater than their love for America.

Trump gift card

What if the rioters broke into the homes of these celebrities and elitist Democrats and stole all of their valuables and then burnt their homes to the ground?  I’m sure that they wouldn’t pay their bail then. Do you think they would call the police that they hate so much?

To make matters worse, the peaceful protests across our nation are being overshadowed by violent mobs destroying businesses and endangering lives. Many are blaming the protesters for the destruction.

There will be no healing or unity as long as the riots continue. Only more devastation left in the aftermath.


Pastor Paula White-Cain shares about triumph over trials in our recent interview on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast. What she reveals during this episode is crucial to what we are all experiencing in America right now.

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