The next time you hear about someone burning, stepping on, or desecrating the American flag, remember the majority of people who do these things don’t realize what our flag symbolizes…and others simply don’t care.

The stars and stripes reflect the values, ideas, and beliefs of the citizens of the united states of America. Our flag represents freedom, liberty, and equality of all people under her one nation.

We have freedom of speech that allows them to express their viewpoints and ideas, even if they conflict with American values.

We must remember the phrase “freedom is not free.” A great number of people have little Idea what that really entails.

Many Americans, despite discrimination, fought in wars and served their country to fight threats to our homeland. Blacks were fighting together with Whites, Native Indians, Irish, Jewish, Polish Japanese Americans in World War II despite discrimination they faced at home.

The main reason minorities joined was because they believed serving would garner pride for serving and they truly believed that they would have better opportunities in life when the war was over.

They all came together to defend the freedoms of our country, Europe, and the pacific theater. Without our brave soldiers, sailors and Marines, the spread of fascism and Nazism would have turned Europe into a dark and Godless continent.

These days, it may be hard for some people to understand how great a nation we are without the proper perspective of what it means to be an American.

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Influential, anti-American rhetoric has made its way into our education system through so-called community leaders and fringe groups inside and outside of our country.

These teachings have been growing more every decade and now seem to be accelerating at a faster pace than ever. In school, we used to recite the pledge of allegiance every day but since we were told it violates freedom of speech, schools are not required to do this anymore.

Shouldn’t a citizen be loyal to his or her own country? Sadly, we have the enemy embedded in our government and education system.

Serving in the Air National Guard, I saw first-hand how important our country is when working within a military coalition of countries. We always led from the front and were looked up to by the other nations we work with.

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We are clearly the ones who run the operations and accept the responsibility and consequences that comes with it. 

Having worked with other air forces, I realized that there is no comparison to the pride, dedication, and teamwork of the United States military all volunteer service. Even with the same aircraft and similar structures, no other military comes to close to producing the best results as well as we do.

Putting on my combat uniform and seeing that American flag on my right shoulder meant everything to me. We were all one team: Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines wearing our stars and stripes for one cause.

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To our enemies foreign and domestic, we are the last line of defense, therefore we are a target that must be taken down by any means necessary. On the flight line, our fighter jets are displaying our home state pride and the symbol of Americas stars and stripes on the wings and fuselage for the peaceful and enemy to see.

Putting the flag in context changes everything. It is not worship. It is preserving freedom and pride in our country.

Go ahead and desecrate the flag; we already paid for your right to do that.

Think about what’s really going on around the world and how life would be if we did not fight for what the flag represents. How many countries have we liberated? How grateful are the people in those nations for our intervention that forever changed their lives?

I have been all over the world and I can tell you that this is the truly the land of freedom and true opportunity. Ask yourself why so many want to risk their lives and leave everything behind to become citizens of this great country?

The people, who do not like freedom or what the American flag stands for, have opportunity to move somewhere else. Go ahead and leave, because the true patriots that love our flag will not bow down to your hate for America, and we are prepared to fight for the nation that we call home. 


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