Numbers, but not the numbers you think.

Most people believe it is the tens of millions of illegal aliens versus the thousands of American families. I believe this goes to the core of Democrats and their ideologies. I call it the tomato number.

You see the Democrat party has never changed; they have improved their marketing, rebranded themselves, created slick campaigns and learned to use sound bites and coined phrases to hide behind but their agenda.

The truth today is the same as it was in the 1850s and before, we are dealing with the very same Democratic party. The party of haves and have not, the party that supported an aristocratic class with total control while stealing the work of the masses to advance their own wealth and causes.

So what does the tomato number mean? It is really quite simple. The Democrat party has always been a champion of cheap labor. Yes, the party of raising inflation through passing an artificial wage law is actually the party of cheap labor.

Illegal aliens pick our fruits and vegetables, paint our houses, cut our lawns and other jobs that require little training, are repetitive tasks and this is where the tomato number is revealed…… cheap labor. The same argument they made in the 1850s, they never changed and this is not the only aspect in which their ideology of today mirrors precisely their philosophies of yesteryear.

Let’s examine what the tomato number actually means. There are many levels to this so bear with me.

#1. How much would your tomato cost in your local grocery store? Closer to 3 or 4 dollars each not 33 to 50 cents each?

By importing cheap labor, you do not realize the actual cost of a product or service. How much would it cost to hire an American crew to cut your grass? It would not be $35.00 per yard. It would be closer to $80.00 per yard.

#2. So what does the importation of labor cause? It depresses the natural costs of goods and services, depressing labor costs and thus artificially keeping wages lower for Americans. Without cheap imported labor, market forces would easily take over and raise wages for American citizens.

#3. We are destroying the countries of origin, the countries illegals are coming from, how? By removing the most industrious and capable of their populations through lax immigration enforcement we are stealing those from their native lands that would provide the engine for change in their country.

We are dooming nations to poverty, and dictators maintain control because the voices for change have left. We are dooming, in an inhumane way, the citizens of other nations to despair, hunger, disease, a lack of infrastructure and the very life line they need to change to advance. Ironically, after removing the best of the countries working class, we then tax American citizens to give foreign aide to these very same countries as they are basically failed nation states.

#4. We are then absorbing the costs associated with the illegals as taxpayers. This provides a base of power for the Washington elites. They grow their federal, state and local budgets creating an ever expanding bureaucracy.

This bureaucracy in turns creates large voting populations for the left because people working for the government realize that if government becomes efficient or certain policies are changed their jobs disappear.

#5. This growing bureaucracy needs to be funded, so taxes go up. Now they are robbing the American taxpayer of economic freedom by having to raise taxes, thus reducing the amount of money you have in your checking account at the end of the month.

So why does the left pursue this course? Cheap labor, the tomato number. In their minds, since the 1850s, the answer to any economic plan has been, cheap labor and power in the hands of the few. Rebranded and slicked up but the same old tune they have been singing now for over 150 years.

The tomato number is why the left will never hear, never listen to and does not care to even acknowledge the voices of our American Angel Families.

So what if we stopped illegal immigration?

Wages would rise and the need for a minimum wage law would be unnecessary. In time, those industrious people flocking to our shores would demand change in their native land and we would see failed nation states rise to become successful states driven by the demands to be free and the demands of a flowering middle class.

This cheap labor has prevented us, as American consumers from experiencing the true costs of goods and services. The financial cost has been bore by the American labor market, entrepreneurs in landscaping, the construction trades, and the last two generations of Americans who have moved from our indoctrination system and into the workforce.

Who has this helped other than the left by giving them talking points, rallying cries and platforms to fix problems they have created? Yes, the left has created the problem of low wages and then demands a false minimum wage law to force the very wages in the very verticals they have depressed to be increased. Maids in hotels, laborers in construction trades, short order/line cooks in restaurants and so many more. It has helped no one that is an American citizen.

We have examined the tomato number and its harm to the American economy, our wages and the American taxpayer but if you want to know the true cost, just ask an Angel family the true cost of a cheap product or service.

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