The Durham Investigation is our last hope.

It’s the bottom of the 9th, sudden death overtime, and the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne. That’s where the 101st Airborne Division were surrounded by over 100,000 Germans. It was so hopeless that German General von Luttwitz asked the 101st’s acting commander, Captain McAuliffe, “Do you wish to surrender?”

Captain McAuliffe’s response was brief and blunt; “Nuts.”

Gen. Patton eventually saved the day. John Durham may just be our latter day Patton, BUT, I’m very skeptical given the recent rape of Lady Justice. The swamp ripped her blindfold off then dropped Hillary Clinton on her scales.

Selective prosecution seems to be a trend where crooked FBI agents ignored overwhelming evidence while half of Congress believed that urinating Russian hookers sprayed Donald Trumps bed. The justice system’s safety net has major holes though there’s no shortage of investigations.

Inspector General (IG) Horowitz has proved to be an impotent fact finder who churns out voluminous documents that gather dust in the Library of Congress. Congressional committees are mind-numbing performances by politicians who deliver 5 minute sermons.

They have no clear end game other than to embarrass witnesses with righteous indignation from raised platforms. No one ever goes to jail.

The IG, Congress and the news media engage in performance art. Congressman Trey Gowdy was so frustrated with the futility of government that he chose to leave.  

As a retired FBI agent, I’m frequently asked, “Will Durham arrest anybody?”

My default reply is, “He should indict a bunch but…”  

There are primarily two ways that somebody goes to jail. A crime is committed in the presence of a law enforcement officer or following an investigation. An investigation includes many investigative techniques like surveillance, documents, wiretaps, undercover operations to name a few. At the conclusion, arrests are made through an affidavit via a magistrate or an indictment by a grand jury.

John Henry Durham is the United States Attorney for Connecticut and charged with investigating the deep state. I never believed that a deep state existed but there’s overwhelming evidence that high ranking officials conspired to overthrow our government. The consensus is that they seem to have gotten away with it. Which brings us back to Mr. Durham.

Durham has convened a federal grand jury which consists of between 16 to 23 US citizens. The only individuals present inside a grand jury room is a court reporter, the prosecutor, and witnesses. Hearsay is admissible.

I have testified before grand juries and presented reports from other FBI agents which would be forbidden in a trial due to the 5th amendment right to face your accuser. To be honest grand juries indictment rate is well over 99%, which makes it critical that you have a solid case prior to putting cuffs on cabinet level officials.

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Although this is a complex case, it is also one where many of the subjects have already indicted themselves.

Durham has access to hundreds of hours of sworn depositions, interviews, congressional testimony, reports, e-mails, social media postings which place these players on the record. A significant portion of this record conflicts with either previous statements or other witness sworn statements. Let’s go inside the workings of Durham’s investigation.

The Durham team may or may not have found their John Dean. He was President Nixon’s attorney and the golden snitch. Dean was aware of where all the bodies were buried and provided a detailed map of the cemetery. If Durham is minus his Dean, then he’ll go by the numbers. Criminal investigations work up the food chain. Flip the bottom feeders.

Step one is selecting the bottom feeders. These are the folks who either have criminal exposure or vital information but have not yet come forward. Many individuals refuse to get involved but will spill the beans if sitting across from a federal agent or before a grand jury.

There are literally hundreds of these types such as secretaries, aides, friends, drivers, spouses, friends and spurned lovers (See Lisa Page). Other bottom feeders include co-conspirators who reluctantly became complicit but chose not to expose the crime.

For example, the entire Clinton e-mail mid-term investigative team, despised Trump but some of them never intended to break the law. They were caught up with the Strzok/Page roller coaster and just went along for the ride. They never expected a crash since Hillary was a prohibitive favorite to win the presidency.     

Many of these type witnesses have already testified before the Durham grand jury. A few were original targets, but are now cooperating with the government after the, “Come to Jesus speech.” This is how cases are built. You meet with the guppies who have criminal exposure and offer a deal. They in turn present evidence on bigger fish who do the same until you bag the whales. Who are the whales? 

President Obama and Joe Biden will NOT be indicted but could be listed as unindicted co-conspirators.

But there are some other government heavies who should be practicing their perp walk. They include James Comey, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Rod Rosenstein, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Christopher Steele, and a few surprise felons in waiting.  

The mid-level tuna who should be wary of legal harpoons are the FBI’s Bill Priestap, Kevin Clinesmith, Sally Moyer, Joe Pientka, former Deputy AG Tashina Guahar, former UN Ambassador Samantha Powers, Bruce and Nelly Ohr.

The bottom feeders will likely be offered immunity in exchange for their testimony. They include the entire FBI Mid-Term investigation team, (Hillary e-mail case), the Crossfire Hurricane team and several FBI agents who leaked information to the press in return for dinners and tickets to events.    

The impatience with Durham naming names is not valid. A case with multiple high profile subjects can take several years to investigate. It’s especially burdensome when the subjects include nationally known personalities.

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In the meantime, allow me to provide a sample of the Durham grand jury testimony.

Witness #1: Kevin Clinesmith, FBI Attorney (Terminated) – Targets are Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Page

Question: Mr. Clinesmith, In 2017 did the CIA notify you via an e-mail that Trump campaign advisor Carter Page served as a CIA asset from 2008 to 2013 and reported his meetings with Russians to the CIA?

Answer:  Yes

Question:  Did you alter that e-mail to state that Mr. Page was NOT an asset?

Answer:  Yes


Witnesses #2 and #3: CIA Intelligence officers who allegedly have already testified. Target is Brennan.

Question:  Did CIA Director Brennan use the resources of the CIA to illegally create a plot to either falsely lead FBI officials into a scheme or to conspire with FBI officials to deny certain people their civil rights?”

Answer: Yes

Brennan testified in a May 2017 hearing that Hillary’s phony dossier didn’t factor into the Intelligence Community’s Assessment report on Russian interference of the 2016 presidential election.

Trey Gowdy asked Brennan during his testimony if the CIA relied on the dossier, “No. Because we — we didn’t. It wasn’t part of the corpus of intelligence information that we had. It was not in any way used as a basis for the Intelligence Community assessment that was done. It was — it was not.”


Witness #4: FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka, Current status unknown. Targets are Strzok, Priestap, and Page.

Question: Did you accompany Agent Peter Strzok in January of 2017 to interview National Security adviser Michael Flynn?

Answer:   Yes.

Question: Did you write a 302 report on that meeting and if so, was the original report missing and then altered?

Answer:   Yes.


Witness #5: Lisa Page

Question: Were you briefed by AG Bruce Ohr in the presence of Agent Strzok and Andrew McCabe that the Steele dossier was unreliable, gossip, and rumors?

Answer:  Yes.

Question: Did you then approve a FISA affidavit which was used for an overhear warrant which claimed the Steele information as reliable?

Answer:  Yes

Question: Did you previously testify under oath that a text sent to you by Peter Strzok stating, “There’s no there there,” was referring that Strzok concluded there was no evidence of Russian collusion involving President Trump? And if Mr. Strzok testifies under oath that it did not refer to Russian collusion, then Mr. Strzok commits perjury?

Answer: Yes

FEDERAL VIOLATION (S) One for Page and one for Strzok

Witness #6: Andrew McCabe

Question: Did you sign and approve a FISA warrant extension based on an affidavit that you knew to contain false information? (Ohr briefing)

Answer: Yes

Question: You previously stated under oath that you had the permission of FBI Director Comey to leak confidential information to the press.

Answer:  Yes

Question: Mr. Comey testified under oath that he gave you no such permission. In your expert opinion, did Mr. Comey permit perjury?

Answer: Yes.

Question:  You testified under oath that you and former Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein discussed wearing a wire against President Trump in an attempt to enact the 25th amendment?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Mr. Rosenstein testified under oath that the 25th amendment conversation never took place. In your expert opinion, did Mr. Rosenstein commit perjury?

Answer:  Yes


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Swamp Creatures                   

Based on the grand jury subpoenas to date it appears that John Durham is focusing on false testimonies. The swamp creatures made literally hundreds of conflicting statements under oath that should result in indictments of many high ranking officials.

For example, former UN ambassador Samantha Powers testified under oath that the hundreds of unmasking requests in her name (Flynn included) were not requested by her. Former FBI AD Priestap was Strzoks immediate boss and reported directly to McCabe and Comey. He had to sign every bogus document Strzok placed in his in-basket.

FBI unit chief lawyer Sally Moyer and Kevin Clinesmith both worked on the mid term and Russian collusion investigation. Some of their Instant Messages (IM) called Trump supporters ‘retarded’ and worshiped Hillary Clinton. They eventually married and Sally was responsible for the citations that identifies the underlying FISA evidence.

One extremely incriminating issue emerged in April when the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team investigating the Trump 2016 campaign received multiple indications that Steele was part of an elaborate “Russian disinformation campaign.”

This did not deter them from creating the crime in lieu of any evidence. The FBI’s legal counsel described the warrant to surveil Page as “essentially a single source FISA” wholly dependent on the dossier, which. also made numerous other unsubstantiated claims about Russian hackers in a nonexistent consulate in Miami.

Although Durham may NOT INDICT Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, et al: for signing FISA applications they still have some serious perjury issues. Comey also has a problem with his leaked memo to the New York Times. He admitted under oath that he wrote the memo after meeting with President Trump who he suspected of obstruction of justice.

This is standard FBI procedure when you document interviews of alleged wrongdoing. It thus makes that document part of an on-going investigation and Comey’s leak makes it a crime.

Comey also seems to have perjured himself, in 2017 when he testified to Congress that he decided not to recommend charges in relation to handling of classified information after the FBI interviewed Clinton on July 2, 2016. But a report released later revealed Comey penned a memo exonerating Clinton in the Spring.

DOJ Tashina Guahar was responsible for the final FISA application assembly which is forwarded to the top level DOJ and FBI superiors for signatures and submission to the court.

Shortly after IG Horowitz delivered the draft of his investigative report to AG Bill Barr, Tash Guahar quietly left the DOJ and is reported to have taken a job with Boeing Corp. In hindsight the reason for Guahar’s mysterious exit makes sense. Clinesmith was forced to resign from the FBI during this same period and was part of altering FISA communication.

John Henry Durham is our last hope for justice served. We seem surrounded by the enemy and our society is fragile. What has always separated us from the barbarians at our gate is law and order.

If the Durham investigation results in some guppies washing ashore, then the justice system is broken. Lock the door and turn the lights out. We can only hope that Durham can channel is inner Patton and level lady justice’s scales.


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About the author:   John Ligato is a retired FBI agent who worked on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He spent 8 years in deep cover and was later a pilot on the FBI’s special operations group.

As a Marine in Vietnam, John was the recipient of three Purple Hearts. As an adjunct professor for Campbell University, John taught international security and counter terrorism at MCB Camp LeJeune North Carolina. He is the author of 5 books, the latest is, THE COMEY GANG.


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