There are many people who truly believe the leftist, activist groups they’re supporting are earnestly protesting over police brutality and racial inequality.

But that’s not the purpose behind what these protests are really about.

This current movement, as with the majority of leftist movements, is being funded and orchestrated by Marxists who don’t give a damn about black people, or the concerns of black people, or the concerns of any people group for that matter. They are only concerned about power.

Their goal is to rid us of our Constitution–the final roadblock in turning us into a socialist nation, which is the bridge to their ultimate goal of a Communist United States.

We’re in a war for the soul of our nation. These leftist radical movements have banded together in their obsession to have our Constitution removed and replaced with an “inclusive” document that aligns with their globalist, environmentalist, social justice, anti-Christian, anti-Western Culture vision for America.

Their cunning scheme is to convince us that our Constitution is illegitimate because some of the Founder Fathers had slaves. Never mind that some of their relatives may have too, if their families already had migrated here.

The Constitution wasn’t penned by perfect men because none of us are. But it’s most definitely a God-ordained document in which government is to protect “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” for all of us.

Granted, it’s been used, abused and sometimes disregarded. Slavery attests to that. And our nation paid a heavy price for it. But put the blame where it solely belongs–on fallen mankind, not on the document itself.

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I pray and hope people who believe in the decisions to unnecessarily shut down our nation over COVID-19 and now want the police defunded over the killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, by a white cop (which very, very seldom occurs) begin to realize they’re being played.

In reality, they’re nothing more than the “useful idiots” Lenin and Stalin spoke of who think it’s about their issues when it’s always about the revolution. So just who are the “useful idiots” and how are they being manipulated?

Using Floyd as an example, we as a nation uniformly looked upon his death as a horrific act. While Floyd’s family was grieving, Marxist activist groups like Black Lives Matter ride in to make his death a national hot button issue, supposedly to further advance the need for police reform. Yeah, right.

So what happens?

Massive protests miraculously spring up at the same time in cities across the country. Weren’t we to be arrested for large gatherings due to the coronavirus scare? Not this time.

Protests turned into riots and looting. Buildings were burned. People were injured. Several policemen were killed. But that was just the start.

These Marxists are now showing us their real objective. Historical statues are being defaced and toppled. If they really were that bothered by our nation’s past, why didn’t they do this when Barack Obama, who is half-black, was president?

This strategic move gives them a direct line to their ultimate goal–ridding us of our flag, the Founding Fathers and our Constitution. The “useful idiots” thought it was about the issue of police brutality. Sorry. For these radicals, it’s ALWAYS about the revolution.

Revolution? You’d better believe it! The likes of Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse took the Marxist ideology from founder Karl Marx and ran with it. The community organizing edict put forth by Chicago-based activist/agitator Saul Alinsky, from his 1971 book, “Rules For Radicals,” is playing out daily before our very eyes.

The stank fruit produced from the rotten tree sprouted by such radicals is painfully evident to us. The decline of true Christianity. The breakdown of the family structure and morality.

Our high schools and colleges have become learning centers for Marxism, socialism and Communism. The assault against capitalism. The move away from nationalism going toward globalism. Free stuff over free enterprise. Filth and decadence plastered across our television and movie screens.

True justice replaced by social justice. Liberal judges intent upon changing the law instead of interpreting it. Murdering unborn babies in the womb. Catering to the homosexual/lesbian lifestyles which God calls “shameful.”

The attack against the police. The push for illegal immigration. The obstructionist Democrat Party taken over and run by Marxists, with the disingenuous mainstream media providing it cover. I could go on and on.

We must realize it’s always about the revolution when leftist radicals are leading the charge, shaping the decisions, determined to turn our nation upside down.

I hope our fellow Americans who don’t as yet see this wake up and recognize the imminent danger stationed right at our doorstep.

We must expose and defeat this movement which is anti-God, anti-family, anti-country and anti-Constitution at the core of its being while we still have time to do something about it.


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