Have we not heard enough about racism the last 10 years? Not everything that happens is based on hate for another’s skin color unless of course you watch CNN and the liberal mainstream media twisting everyday stories into race laden narratives based on visual cues.

How Ironic the most racist group in America is not the KKK but is none other than Black Lives Matter (BLM)!  The reality is that only the life of the BLM organization matters not the actual lives of Black Americans. They are forcing shakedowns to institutions and cities all over our great country with their farce.

Two of those institutions are Major League Baseball and the National Football League. How did two American pastimes submit to a terrorist like group’s demands for “equality?”

They both employ more minorities at a higher rate than most companies could ever dream of. It’s so heartbreaking to see professional sports teams that many Americans treasure from a young age get on their knees for BLM and support a has-been quarterback like Kaepernick, who couldn’t perform well enough to keep his position in the NFL.

The long-term consequences will be crippling to the sport and the fans. Once they get control of management, the BLM radicals WILL NOT STOP THERE!  As Ronald Reagan used to say, “Never negotiate with terrorists.”

Not only are the sports organizations hijacked, the players are casualties of this war too. Yes, this is a war against American freedoms. BLM is directly connected to the Democrat party, and their leaders are self-proclaimed Marxists.

All their donations go to the act blue political machine. It makes you wonder what is really behind the BLM movement that only emerges in presidential election years.

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Disruption is the name of the game with Democrats, the party with a long anti-Black history they cannot run from. They are using the BLM people as useful idiots to swell race wars and terrorize cities so they will create “you’re a racist if you don’t support us” importunity.

At the same time, they are attacking the very fabric of America through our leisure sports institutions on purpose. Democrats are trying everything they can to bring this country to its knees using Alinsky’s rules for turning over a country to socialism through race wars.

American Baseball fans are now fighting back with boycotts of BLM run franchises. “Boycott the MLB” crowds are ditching the leagues until BLM is removed from leadership. The boycotters are not watching in person or on TV as a protest of disgust and anger with the MLB management.

Boycotts of the NFL are being planned by numerous states in protest to a league that pledged allegiance to BLM with a Black National Anthem? Is this the end of professional sports as we know it? Is it the beginning of the end of America?

God bless the rank and file African Americans who support the idea of BLM but do not understand the inner workings. Most African Americans do not support the violent actions carried out by radical Black Lives Matter activists. They want justice but value respect and prefer peaceful methods.

There is no place in this country for division and subversive cancel culture. We must fight against what could destroy us in the long run if the radical Democrats take over our country. We need to return to greatness by voting for Donald Trump November 3rd, 2020.


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