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NASCAR Fans that Criticize Driver Bubba Wallace are “Simple Minded”

Growing up in the South, I’ve heard plenty of NASCAR country jokes and fans referred to as hillbillies and rednecks. We all laughed when Will Ferrell brought the stereotype to life in “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.”

However, none of us are laughing about driver Bubba Wallace calling fans “simple minded” that don’t support his involvement with the liberal Black Lives Matter organization or don’t instantly forget the hate crime hoax that caused the world to view NASCAR as a bunch of racists.

In addition to calling NASCAR fans “simple minded” in his Fox [1] Nation interview with Lawrence Jones, Wallace went on to say, “Black lives matter just as much as White lives matter, just as much as Hispanic lives matter,” he continued, “We’re all equal. We were all made the same. We all bleed the same color. It hurts when we bleed.”

I definitely agree with that statement, but let’s be clear that the Black Lives Matter organization has not rushed to the aide of any of the black victims of violence including children that were killed over the past few weeks or stepped in to help black Americans in Chicago where mass murder happens on a weekly basis. 

Wallace stands behind this Marxist group [2] yet openly criticizes the very people that drive hundreds of miles to pack the stands during races, because they disagree with him. He calls loyal NASCAR fans “simple minded” and says that they drive hate. 

No Bubba, you are the one driving hate with your arrogance and divisiveness. I guess we are all equal and bleed the same UNLESS we disagree with you and then we are just mere brainless idiots. 

Jones’ full interview [3] with Wallace will be available on Fox Nation on Friday, July 10, so we can enjoy even more insight about “simple minded” NASCAR fans.


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