The left has said that President Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday was a disaster.  In reality, it was one of his better interviews on subject matters concerning our nation after being hit with a pandemic, significant job loss, and violence erupting in our streets due to race issues and anti-government movements, like ANTIFA inciting African American citizens. 

These are topics of concern to our President and everyone in the country.  The President says it like it is, on many hard-hitting issues, some of which are never talked about especially with the current pandemic dominating the headlines.

Here’s a recap of the interview that you won’t hear on the liberal mainstream media…

Update on COVID-19 cases and mortality rates: Wallace asks Trump about the concern of the increase in positive cases.  The cases in the US for COVID-19 are on the rise.  The Presidents says these are only, ‘cases.’  He remains unwavering when talking to Wallace about how the US is testing more than other countries.  While Wallace insinuates this is a negative issue, Trump doesn’t agree.  

Wallace describes cases have more than doubled since June and the US shows just in the last week the US had 75,000 new cases.   President Trump’s response, “That’s because we have great testing, if we didn’t test you wouldn’t be able to show that chart…”  He stands firm with while cases are increasing but aren’t a horrific issue, like many think.

Defunding police: Trump says liberal cities have always been run poorly.  They want to defund the police and so does Biden.  Wallace says this isn’t true.

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Biden actually referred to police becoming the “enemy” when discussing military protective gear needed by police to protect themselves during violent situations like the riots. He disagrees with police needing the gear. The former VP also stated that he is in favor of redirecting funds from the police, which is his indirect way of agreeing to defund the police when being interviewed by liberal media.  

Economy: Wallace addressed the fact that Trump is running a large part on the economy and stated that the President had “great jobs numbers in May, you had solid jobs numbers in June.”  Trump stated that the economy was “expanding and growing beautifully.”  He added that “we’re coming back and we’re coming back at a level that nobody would have thought possible.” 

However, it’s obvious that the Democrats want to keep the economy closed and rollback some economies that have opened, because they believe it’s good Joe Biden and the upcoming election.

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Race issues:  President Trump says race issues were going on long before he got in office.  Most Americans agree that race relations in our country worsened under President Obama and accelerated due to Democrat’s claims of Trump and other Republicans being racist.

When asked about Black Lives Matter, Trump said he wasn’t offended by the organization. It’s freedom of speech. He also said that he wasn’t offended by the Confederate flag and believes that for many people it “represents the South.” 

Changing the names of military bases: Trump doesn’t back down about changing base names and may veto the bill on this matter. 

Liberal ideology being taught in schools: The President denounced cancel culture and the “radical left destructive ideology that is being taught in our schools.”  They are teaching hate, and we just can’t sit back and watch it happen.

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Biden and the 2020 election: The polls according to Wallace’s data, Biden’s percentages are up and people trust him more on race issues, and even the economy.  Trump obviously disagrees especially when all polls were against him in the 2016 election. 

Trump doesn’t believe Joe Biden is competent to be President. He said if Joe Biden becomes President, religion will be gone – describing churches were told to stay closed, etc. 

Healthcare: The President will be signing a new health care plan in the next four weeks.  Trump assured Americas that “pre-existing conditions will always be taken care of by me and Republicans, 100 percent.”

Mary Trump’s Book: The President’s niece, Mary, wrote a book about the Trump family and says Fred Trump, the President’s father, always wanted to win and was a psychopath. Wallace asked if it hurt him to be attacked on such personal terms, and Trump responded “It hurts me more about attacking my father, not being kind to my mother. I have a mother who was like a saint.”  

The President went on to say, “For her (Mary) to say – I think the word she used was psychopath – what a disgrace. She ought to be ashamed of herself. That book is a lie.”

In conclusion, Chris Wallace tried to play hardball and back the President into a corner with many questions, but Trump fought back. After all, he’s used to mainstream media attacks and cheap shots.

One thing that President Trump made clear…

If Joe Biden is elected President of the United States, he and the socialist left Democrats will destroy our country. That’s why all Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents that love America must exercise our right to vote and re-elect Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020.


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