President Trump ordered the Chinese consulate in Houston to close down by the end of the week. This order was virtually ignored until hours before the deadline to leave the premises. US federal agents and local law enforcement entered the Chinese consulate compound shortly after the deadline passed.

The Chinese government in Beijing said that the US was only doing this for political baiting purposes.  They don’t agree with the decision to close their doors.

The reasoning behind the decision to have the center closed down was to prevent any stealing of US intellectual property, according the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  There is no further information at this time as to whether vital information has already been stolen or if this was a preventative measure taken by the President.

According to Florida State Senator Marco Rubio, the Houston complex was a center for espionage.   He said the Chinese consulate in Texas was a, “massive spy center.”  

A state department official, who wouldn’t reveal themselves, said that San Francisco Chinese Consulate was also going to be told to close.  The Trump administration decided not to demand closure because of the importance of the center.  The San Francisco center processes the bulk of Chinese visas.

President Trump has the right to take any actions and measures to protect the American people from further damage by China especially with the international pandemic and terrorism in liberal cities.  We must respect his decision to close down buildings or centers that could pose a threat of any kind to our nation at this time.

Regardless of this year being an election year, Trump has motivations to keep the US intelligence protected and the American people safe, not for political aspirations like Speaker Pelosi and other key democrats and liberals.  He is already the President and doesn’t continually have to justify what his job is to the liberal left.

In response to the closure, China has officially ordered the U.S. to close its consulate in the southwestern city of Chengdu.


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