Former Vice President Joe Biden has a respect problem with Blacks. Forget his obvious mental issues. His latest gaffe on live television about Black Americans came from his own heart and shows how he truly feels.

Biden’s statement about Blacks lacking social diversity reveals a mindset in him that we’ve suspected all along. It reeks of respect for one group of voters over the another. Joe was pandering to Hispanic voters while taking the Black monolithic support for granted. Does he really think he owns African American loyalty no matter what negative statement he says about them?

Did you notice how excited his conversation turned when extolling the greatness of Hispanic diversity? This alone show the different levels of respect he has for both races. Blacks, like everyone else, are different by factors including location, status, beliefs, influences, drive, and personal circumstances among other things.

To put Biden’s interview in perspective, his audience was The National Association of Black Journalists and The National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Fairness for both communities would have been to show equal respect to both groups.

It’s fine to address specific issues of Blacks and Hispanics, but Biden went further and judged the overall value of both groups. This judgment speaks volumes for the Black community if elected Biden is elected President of the United States.

How will he judge African American policies or the policies of other African nations? Will he be more helpful to Hispanics and not as excited for Black programs? Will African American voters only get attention every four years?

After all, we’ve seen it before with Obama, who promised “change” for Black America and produced no results. It seems like every racist gaffe Biden makes is made in front of a Black group or media outlet. I can only imagine what he says behind the scenes.

The backlash from Biden’s latest gaffe will be long lasting, more notably to the so-called outlier Blacks who are exceptional, articulate, and “clean”, as Biden once called candidate Obama. Democrats fear Black diversity and independent thinkers who buck the system and are quick to judged Black Conservatives for speaking out against Biden’s many racist remarks.

As I stated in my book, “Growing Up White, an Oreo’s Guide to Fitting In,” Democrat politicians assume Blacks are all the same no matter their background. They always use Blacks to further their radical movements including their most recent voter ID propaganda. Do they think African Americans are too dumb to obtain a single piece of ID to vote in person, or are they willfully disrespecting an entire race of people?

Within twenty-four hours of Biden’s last racist gaffe, his campaign launched an advertisement aimed at Blacks to make up for his slip of the tongue. In the video, they assume all Blacks are the same by portraying all Blacks live in the hood, all Blacks support Black Lives Matter, and no Blacks have real jobs. Not one scene depicts Blacks as working or as professionals.

Biden’s ad is the epitome of Black stereotypes. His campaign really does believe Blacks are all the same. In fact, it’s very insulting. As I said before, Blacks like everyone else are different by many factors. From blue collar jobs to CEOs of major corporations, Blacks are diverse simply because they are humans like everyone else.

How can Joe Biden be fair to African Americans? We already know he prefers Hispanics over Blacks. Given his history of racist statements and his latest remark being made so close to an election, people should stop and think about who this guy really is as a person and what/who he stands for.

President Trump stands for all Americans. We must vote for the right leadership of Donald J. Trump on November 3rd, 2020.


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