The Democrats are about to go through a messy divorce. How does that look for the two party system in American Politics?

We are in a fight for the soul of this Republic. I’m sure everyone reading this has heard this; however, we are also in a fight for the soul of our current political parties. What will happen to the current 2 party system?

Here’s my take…

We currently have 4 political philosophies. These four philosophies are inside of the two major political parties:

  • Socialists: (Slow Communists) Lead by AOC (D) NY 14th District
  • Democrats: (Slow Socialists) Lead by Joe Manchin (D) WV
  • RINOs: (Slow Democrats) (Never Trumpers) Romney, Kasich and many others
  • Constitutional Conservatives (Constitutional Based) – Trump, Cruz, Cotton and a few others


The Democrats have their hands full. The squeaky wheel is definitely getting the most attention. That squeaky wheel is the radical AOC wing of the Democrat party.

They are four strong and are going to add a fifth congressperson this fall. They, at this time, can not win a statewide office and definitely not a nationwide office. But their stock is rising, and they will likely grow their congressional presence in the near future.


Who really feels sorry for Senator Manchin? He is a leftover relic from the 1950s. Democrats like him are almost nonexistent and their voices are silent in the Democrat party.

The “Slow Socialists” have no true leader, no voice in the platform and are fading into obscurity rapidly. These lonely politicians will be wandering around without a party, without a platform and with only memories of power and grandeur.

Republicans (RINOs)

Romney and the Never Trump crowd are trying to control the platform of the Republican Party. These “establishment” types are the one I refer to as “Slow Democrats”.

Their policies are democrat policies, they just offer them in smaller bites. They are
globalists that are not conservatives. They’re definitely not a group that has any
desire to pursue policies that are in line with the Constitution.

Their numbers are large in the government but their base is shrinking as more liberal policies are being tried and failing people are seeing this group for what they are and how distorted their policies are and the fact they are truly democrats at heart.

Constitutional Conservatives

The ONLY Constitutional Patriots of these four groups. These are Trump supporters for the most part. They realize the answer moving forward is more freedom not fear, less taxes and regulations not more, a smaller government, less spending and
getting our fiscal house in order. They love their country and are willing to fight for it.

Now that we’ve defined the four movements inside of the two major parties, how do they coexist and what does American politics look like moving forward?

Coexisting is not going to work in the Democrat party. Socialism does not allow for differing views or competing philosophies. Look no further than the Pro-Life group that wanted to march in the Women’s March in January of 2019, they were told they were not welcome.

This will continue and only get worse as the banner of socialism gets larger and more prominent on our political landscape. In my opinion, the Socialists will either split from the democrat party or they move the party so far left that the Democrats (slow socialists) move to another party.

Let us now look at the Never Trumpers…

They have also become another group without a party. Republican voters put Trump in office. The Never Trumpers are working diligently to prevent Trump, our choice, from succeeding. The Republican party will eventually split with the Never Trumpers, leaving the Constitutional Conservatives in control of the Republican party.

Out of the divorce will come a new marriage. So now you have four parties. Well, I predict only three will survive. The Socialists will survive, the Republican Constitutional Conservatives will survive, and the two remaining groups will join forces.

The natural marriage is between the recently divorced Manchin wing of the Democrat party and the Never Trump Romney wing of the Republican party. Time however is not on the side of this marriage.

Socialists are out for total control, and Constitutionalists are determined to save the Republic. These two groups have little if anything in common and are truly polar opposites. In a battle, binary decisions must be made. It will come down to choosing the side of socialism or the Constitution.

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What does this look like politically? Let us look into the crystal ball for a moment…

In the House of Representatives, you’ll see coalitions formed, bills presented and passed. The unfortunate part is like every other coalition based government, there is a steady move left through legislation which encompasses are every growing federal government.

This is due to the fact that the size and mass of government equals power and of the three remaining parties only one, the Republican Constitutional Conservatives will stand for less regulation, lower taxes and reducing the size of government.

Now, I do believe the Republican Constitutional Conservatives are a much larger part of the population than the other two groups. I just don’t believe that they represent a majority of who we can elect into office at the House of Representative level unless more Republicans step up to the plate.

This gets very interesting in the Senate and at the level of President. Statewide and nationwide elections are not likely to move toward socialist candidates, at least not in the foreseeable future. So now you have a very complicated legislative process.

Bills that are generated and make it out of the House will be far too left and will fall dead in the Senate and most likely in the White House as a veto will be an insurmountable obstacle in a divided coalition based government.

Politics will continue to dominate the news cycle as Congress becomes more dysfunctional, if that is even possible, and their positions become more untenable to the other sides of the aisles.

Divorce court is in session…


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