Prior to Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris as his running mate, more than 100 influential Black men signed an open letter to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee urging him to pick a Black woman as his Vice President with the obvious threat that “failing to select a Black woman in 2020 means you will lose the election.”

Now, this sounds to me like reverse discrimination. Correct me if I am wrong, but it can only mean one thing: No White women allowed!

How preposterous is this kind of thinking when criteria are designed to only qualify candidates based on skin color? Demanding that Biden chose a “woman” of color is also sexist, because it discriminates against men as well.

Nobody ever says they are looking for a man of color to fill a position in government. “My next candidate must be a man of color,” said no one ever!

People of color is the same as saying a colored person, right? The media now calls “colored person” a slur, therefore replacing it with person of color to be politically correct. Essentially, there is no difference other than rearranging letters and making it sound more prestigious.

My family always used the phrase “colored people” to describe blacks since I can remember. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If people of color replaced the phrase colored people, then we can surmise woman of color applies to Black women only.

Latinos, Native Americans, Italians, Asians, Pacific Islanders, middle easterners do not fit the political correctness definition. However, since the change, people of color has been expanded to include everyone who is not Caucasian. Do not let subtle discrimination by the PC culture justifiable.

Imagine if we described the same thing in reverse calling for people of Whiteness. How would that fly in today’s climate? How discriminatory would that sound?

What if 100 powerful white men sent a letter to President Trump demanding that he pick a white woman or he would lose the election. I can see the headlines now declaring the entire Republican party as RACIST. Wait…they already did that!

When I was a government employee running a hiring board, there would never be a situation where I would ever say I was looking for a specific race or sex to fill the position. That would have been called discrimination and I would have been reprimanded for it. In corporate America, we never interviewed only certain races or sexes for a job.

How can former Vice President Biden blatantly say he was planning to be selective in his pandering to Black voters? On top of this lie and his many racist remarks, Biden stood along side Obama as he lied to Black America stating that he would bring “change” if elected. Black voters don’t be fooled again by their lies!

What is the whole point of choosing someone of color but to satisfy or make up for your own shortcomings? Is it a selfish act or a calculated move? If Biden were Black and only hired people of color, would that be discrimination? Why can’t we all just be people and not categories?

It’s obvious that the Democrat party discriminated against all men and women other than Black women for Joe Biden’s VP pick.  If they’re blatantly showing such disregard for decency and fairness now, can you imagine what would happen if Joe Biden was elected President?

Stop them at the ballot box!  Vote re-elect Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.


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