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Ret. FBI Agent Proves Police have the Right to Defend Their Lives and Others with Deadly Force

It’s apparent that the deadly force policy guiding police and other law enforcement officers (LEOs) is being ignored during the recent riots.

FBI policy states, “Agents may use deadly force when there is probable cause (facts and circumstances) to believe the subject poses imminent danger of death, or, serious physical injury to agents or others.”

The majority of police organizations had always followed these two basic protocols until lately. You can kill someone if they are trying to kill you or cause some serious physical injury. Sounds pretty clear cut but it has become clouded.

Rioters routinely pelt police with bricks, rocks, metal cans, frozen water bottles, commercial grade fireworks, bullets, cars, Molotov cocktails and use sharpened PVC pipes to stab up close.

They have no concerns over igniting buildings on fire occupied with innocent women and children and recently added lasers purchased online for $90 to their arsenal meant to blind officers. 

All of the above weapons, “pose imminent danger of death or serious physical injury,” which technically meets the standards for the use of deadly force.

The restraint demonstrated by law enforcement is amazing and the result of two factors. Elected officials have procedurally tied their hands and officers understand that their careers, pension, and freedom are gone if they use deadly force.

Facts be damned! Officers have been indicted for pushing a protester and defending themselves with a baton during an attack.

Most liberals contend that a majority of protesters are peaceful, and their math is correct. The number of peaceful protesters do outnumber the violent ones, but this is a subtle play on words. Many of the protesters may be peaceful but the protests are violent.

Violent anarchists are well organized and infiltrate with the non-violent protesters who provide them cover to attack the police while making LEOs hesitant to hit back with deadly force.

If police officers move to engage, the mob exploits their “peaceful” members to discourage retaliation with mock innocence and pacifist mantra’s such as, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

The image of anarchists capturing a Seattle police station was a punch in the gut to every law enforcement officer. The symbolism can never be erased and will remain a great American tragedy.

Given the opportunity, those cops would have defended that building to their death. If this sounds dramatic, then you have never taken the oath to protect and defend.

The retreat of police officers in Portland, Minneapolis, and other large cities is a result of political correctness and poor leadership. Those who rationalize that the riots are spontaneous outbursts also believe that Benghazi was an impromptu attack based on a video.

ANTIFA and BLM are well funded and have recently bragged about receiving training by former special force operatives in the use of weapons and tactics. Police officers are being ambushed by organized actions merely to provoke a violent response from them.

This then begets the justification for more anarchy which further restrains law enforcement. The logical conclusion is the defunding or neutering of law enforcement officers who will lack the manpower and will to engage the radicals.

These anarchists are bullies and will continue their pillage and plundering until they get punched in the nose, or, shot. No one is advocating shooting wildly into a crowd of protesters.

That happened on May 4, 1970 when National Guardsman fired into a group on anti-war demonstrators at Kent State. These Guardsmen were weekend warriors minus any training in riot or crowd control.

The individuals tossing Molotov cocktails, bricks and firing weapons are doing so up close and personal. Police Officers are eyeball to eyeball as they dodge deadly objects.

They have every legal authority to protect their lives with deadly force due to a belief of “imminent danger of death, or, serious physical injury to themselves or others.”

If someone is charging you with a sharpened PCP pipe your choices are extremely limited. Unless you’re a sprinter or a Grand Master in martial arts, you can either be impaled or shoot the bastard.

The appeasement dreamers who rationalize that the use of deadly force will only aggravate the riots use faulty logic. The anarchists are getting more emboldened simply because there are no penalties to pay for their actions.

Hundreds if not thousands of anarchists should be facing serious felony charges and long term prison sentences. But they are being released minus paying any bond and have little concern of future legal jeopardy.

Our society needs to define what constitutes “police brutality?” We have reached a point in time when arresting any black person, regardless of their crime, is considered police brutality.

Both ANTIFA and BLM promote hostility and violence toward law enforcement. And when they destroy police control of law and order it sets the stage for the anarchists to assume dominance on the streets.

Many individuals contend that this period of violent anarchy is cyclical and will pass. That self-correcting pendulum was reliable when our institutions functioned normally. Law enforcement, justice departments, courts, legislators, and local, state and federal executives would eventually right the ship.

That is not happening.



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