Vice President Joe Biden finally picked his running mate for his 303030 Presidential campaign. He only had a handful of shady Democratic Black women to choose from based on his poorly conceived racist criteria.

Besides Kamala Harris possibly not being natural born, she is also not “African American.” She is however one of the greatest charlatans in the history of man and woman kind. Remember Kamala’s “little black girl was me” rant about Biden’s racist past on segregation in the first Democrat debate? She was so upset that she went on a well-rehearsed tirade about how she was unfairly treated. 

When Kamala Harris’ name was being considered as a possible VP candidate, she abandoned her convictions faster than a speeding bullet.

The same outrage she grandstanded while she questioned Justice Kavanaugh about his rape allegations in her “we must believe all women” talk. The irony is that she’s the running mate of a man being accused of sexual assault by a woman with real evidence. What happened to believing all women Kamala?

Harris co-wrote the anti-lynching bill that happened to coincide with the fake attack on Jussie Smollett that she called “an attempted modern-day lynching.”  As the truth was exposed, it was clear that Kamala’s rush to judgement made her look like a fool. Simply put, Senator Harris is a three-ring circus of phoniness.

There’s always a basis of truth in a conspiracy theory so bear with me. Is there more to Biden’s handlers picking Kamala Harris than we realize?

On July 20th, Nancy Pelosi on the Morning Joe show made a weird statement that she was second in line to be president. What did she mean by that? Her position is always third in line after the Vice President.

If a President Biden is unable to serve his full term and Kamala Harris is declared ineligible based on the fact that her parents weren’t living in the United States for the five-year minimum required by the constitution to be natural born, Nancy Pelosi would take Biden’s place as President of The United States of America.

Is Kamala the Trojan horse the Democrats have up their sleeve? Are they setting us up for a President Pelosi take over in 2021?

If this theory is true, we must do everything in our power to fight this from happening. A Pelosi presidency is about as scary as any patriot can imagine. She would destroy our nation in her first term.

It is more important now than ever to defend America against the tide of globalism and vote President Trump November 3, 2020.