Democrats will get away with whatever then can get away with as long as the mainstream media facilitates their hard-left agenda.

Chaos and mayhem are the new “normal” according to the orders that Democrat leaders are giving out to their public media apparatus. The basic agenda for CNN, NBC, CBS, and other outlets is to normalize evil, hide the truth and obfuscate Democrat issues for damage control.

Democrat leaders always echo these socially unpopular positions regardless of their myopic shortcomings. After all, they get their power from headlines, news reports and commentators who play along with them.

The mainstream media (fake news) twist their words and the words of others to fit their leftist narrative like when they suggest that President wanted us to drink bleach to cure the virus. The same misleading reporting tried to make it a fact that President Trump openly called the Charlottesville KKK protesters “fine people.” Democrats are still using this lie in the Biden/Harris campaign.

They don’t stop with just saying the lie once. Instead, they repeat it over and over again until it becomes real to their audiences. None of the fabrications are unique, because all of the mainstream media outlets carry the same water and report the same misconstrued lies.

The news monopoly is probably the biggest threat to this country’s future because they feign their sense of authority to influence viewers who believe their stories as gospel truth.

Meanwhile, they give kitchen passes to corrupt politicians by ignoring opposition media such as Biden’s trial in Ukraine or blatantly lying about “peaceful” protesters, who happen to burn entire city blocks as they beat up innocent citizens.

To be clear, the mainstream media is responsible for the rise and normalization of BLM thuggery and Antifa anarchy in the United States today.

Without the media coddling terror groups like BLM, would the NFL, NBA and MLB cower to the demands of the Marxist organization? Because of the media mafias normalization scheme, people are afraid to go against BLM, even politicians and celebrities reinforced their propaganda to try to ignite a race war in 2020.

Media compliance with the Democrats is starting to crumble with a public that wants peace and safety above the insanity they see too close to home. Nobody wants protesters blocking streets, BLM making people kneel, taking over of city blocks or cancel culture removing statues at random.

Americans know that defunding the police would threaten their own personal safety. We live in America not a third world country. However, that’s what we will become if Biden/Harris win the election and law and order, one of the most important needs according to the social compact, is no longer in place. 

That’s one of the main reasons that we must vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020.


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