Which political party benefits United States veterans and fights for their overall well-being? The vast majority of Americans would immediately point to President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and they’re right.

Vote Trump to Protect Veterans - Conservative Business Journal

It probably wouldn’t come as a surprise that 2019 survey found 57% of veterans approve of the way Trump is handling his duties as commander in chief. Of course approval ratings vary depending on the actual population being surveyed, when they were surveyed, and other factors that may affect their feelings on the matter.

But no matter if you agree with President Trump or not, why do liberals attack the United States Military?

It’s actually pretty simple. The United States Military is the only armed force standing between the socialist left and the American People.

Whether it was President John Kennedy getting Americans into the Vietnam conflict, Lyndon Johnson escalating the fight, Jimmy Carter losing countless American lives in the Iran Hostage Crisis, or Bill Clinton cutting the defense budget… the radical left has always found a way to hurt our heroes.

Vote Trump to Protect Veterans - Conservative Business Journal

However, none of these liberal Presidents could inflict the harm that Barack Obama would bring the People.

President Obama’s harmful dictatorship would start on January 20, 2009, when he named a radical member of his cabinet, Eric Shinseki, as the United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs. From day one, Obama strategized to deplete the U.S. Military funding, decrease warheads, cut veteran registrations, and push America closer to the socialist big government the left has always wanted.

Under Eric Shinseki, the Veterans Affairs medical centers failed American Patriots, and the clinics were not provided with the right equipment or critical needs. In just a couple of years into his first term, President Obama was responsible for the quickest decrease in VA quality care and ratings.

American veterans were not getting the respect or benefits they earned in serving the greatest country on the face of the earth. Approval ratings crashed, suicides skyrocketed, and the VA was immediately drowned in a flood of federal debt. As the left’s catastrophic policies failed time and time again, these setbacks caused tragic consequences on the brave U.S. veterans.

Vote Trump to Protect Veterans - Conservative Business Journal

Now what did Obama, Biden, and Secretary Shinseki do about these murderous problems?

Absolutely nothing. Instead, the left-wing administration put their focus on slashing the Military budget, reducing America’s warheads and nuclear defense to dangerously low numbers, and signing unfair trade deals with foreign nations.

As the Obama-Biden Administration continued to fail the American People, Eric Shinseki led one of the most corrupt VA agencies in recorded history. In 2014, after Barack won his second term, a tragic and infamous event took place at a Veterans Affairs center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Obama and Washington Democrats refused to provide the VA and American veterans with the critical medical equipment and supplies needed to run a successful clinic, and the results were devastating. Countless veterans were calling in for urgent appointments, and they were not getting the responses that they needed. Many of these Patriots had to wait over 100 days.

As the vets were expecting the Democratic government to appear on the scene to help, Obama was increasing nuclear production in the Middle East, and giving 150 billion taxpayer dollars to longtime enemy, Iran. The VA was told to hide the veterans’ appointment files in order to get a government payroll raise at the end of the year.

Vote Trump to Protect Veterans - Conservative Business Journal

It was several months, and more than 40 preventable U.S. veteran deaths later until the American public learned of this massacre. Conservative leaders wasted no time in launching a funded investigation into the murders, meanwhile, the left still did nothing, except quit.

Secretary Shinseki immediately resigned to cover his guilty tracks, and Obama protected him. During Obama’s two term presidency, the United States veteran population declined by 16% due to a rise in suicide, the VA fraudulently lied, and people died. As America weakened over the next two years, our country learned a valuable lesson that cost us thousands of lives.

The American People remembered that lesson when they voted in 2016…

Under President Trump, veteran suicide is dropping, the VA approval rating is at its highest point in decades, thousands of political crooks are being fired and prosecuted in the Veterans Affairs, nuclear defense production is strong again, terrorists are cowering at America’s power, veterans are honored, and our country is respected again.

As America is reaching new heights under the Trump Administration, we must never forget the brave lives lost to the 2014 VA Scandal that Obama could have easily prevented. Joe Biden is equally responsible for this tragedy, and as President, you can be guaranteed that rigged crimes like this will happen over and over again.

President Trump and Republicans won’t let the Obama-Biden Administration’s corruption into the White House again. It’s time for you to decide… will you vote Democrat or America in November?


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