Day #2 of the Republican National Convention was absolutely tremendous!

We were inspired by the speakers and enlightened by the truth that the fake news media tries to hide from the American people.

Enjoy these powerful highlights from Day #2 of the RNC…

Republican National Convention Night #2 Lineup

Myron Lizer – Vice President of the Navajo Nation: Shared that the Trump Administration established the first cold cast task force office for Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives and thanked Trump for help during coronavirus crisis.

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Jon Ponder – Founder of Hope for Prisoners: The organization is committed to helping men, women and young adults successfully reenter the workforce, their families, and our community. Ponder is a three time convicted felon that served his time for his crimes and gave his life to Christ after hearing a sermon by Reverend Billy Graham in prison. President Trump granted Jon Ponder a full pardon.

Richard Beasley – FBI Agent: Arrested Jon Ponder, but later the two became unlikely friends after he was released from prison. Spoke about President Trump’s criminal justice reform that has changed the lives of so many Americans.

Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky: Proud of the job that Trump has done as President, because of his accomplishments and the fact that he gets things done. Spoke of the First Step Act that undid the harm that politicians like Joe Biden did to Americans especially people of color. Also referenced the pain that Trump felt for military families and the fact that he was the first President in generations that seeks to end war and bring our heroes home.

Special Feature: Everyday men and women – people who have built America and are forgotten. Work hard, earn a good living and enjoy life.  President Trump protects us and keep us safe so we can pursue the American dream. Trump fights for American workers.

Jason Joyce – Maine Lobsterman: Spoke of his family 200 year history as lobstermen in Maine.  Said he didn’t support Trump in 2016, but that he does now because Trump brokered deals that save their industry and remove regulations. Unlike Trump, Obama/Biden stood with radical environmentalists.

Chris Peterson – Dairy Farmer, Wisconsin: Referred to the fact that Trump became President in the middle of a great depression for dairy farmers and how he immediately stepped up to help. He created an economic boom that helped dairy farmers and acknowledged the importance of farmers. Trump provided support for agriculture crippled by covid-19. Farming is roaring back thanks to our President.

Special Feature: Over-regulation shut down businesses. Trump made real life policy changes that affected businesses.  Simplified government and cut handcuffs off businesses.  Jack Brewer. 

Larry Kudlow, Director of National Economic Council: Pointed out that the Trump administration inherited a stagnant economy that crippled businesses and that the economy was rebuilt under Trump in 3 years.  Unemployment fell and all groups benefited. Economic health is coming back after covid-19. Expects a 20% growth in second half of 2020 including more tax cuts and regulatory relief. This election is about economic health, prosperity, and optimism (Trump) versus dark days of stagnation, recession, and pessimism (Biden).

John Peterson, Schuette Metals in Wisconsin: Shared about his family business since 1957 that now employs 165 people. Said Obama put government before people – bank regulation tied lenders hands and took away capital.  Donald Trump cut through the red tape to end draconian banking regulation and cut taxes for small businesses. His revenue increased by 25% in two years. Under Trump, there’s a more competitive playing field for American companies as we rebuild our economy.  Referred to Biden as a washed up career politician that will be a puppet for the left

Sissy Graham-Lynch – Reverend Billy Graham’s granddaughter: Passionately shared about freedom of religion and free exercise of religion, and living out our faith not having quiet hidden faith. Said under Obama/Biden faith was under attack and Democrats tried to force conservatives to violate deeply held beliefs by funding abortion. Unlike Trump who a fierce advocate of faith and the first president to talk about religious freedom at United Nations.  Our right to worship is essential. Pointed out that the Biden/Harris vision leaves no room for people of faith. Obedience God versus obedience to government power.

Bob Vlaisavljevich – Democrat Minnesota Mayor: Shared “My father and grandfather earned their livings mining the raw materials that made the steel that built America,” Vlaisavljevich feels that the radical environmental movement has drug the Democrat party to the far left leaving them behind. China ripped off our markets, and Joe Biden did nothing. Thousands lost jobs and hope. Trump stood up to China on behalf of Americans. Vlaisavljevich went on to say, “This election is a make-or-break for workers who are carrying on the legacy of men like them.” Believes that Biden is too weak, scare, and sleepy – did nothing for 47 years – doesn’t stand up to radical environmentalists.

Abby Johnson – Pro-Life Activist: Worked for Planned Parenthood and truly believed that she was helping women.  In 2009, she was awarded employee of the year and received the Margaret Sanger award. Sanger was a racist who wanted to eradicate minorities. Things progressively got worse especially when she was told to double her abortion quota, because that’s how the company made money. The thing that made her leave was seeing an unborn baby fighting to get away from the suction as she assisted with an ultrasound guided abortion. She left the agency and now advocates for life. Founded the organization And Then There Were None, a registered nonprofit organization that exists to help abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry. Trump has done more the unborn than any other president, and Biden/Harris are radical anti-life.

Nick Sandmann – Student: Attended the 2019 March for Life and bought a MAGA hat on the street because of Trump’s Pro-Life stance. While visiting the Lincoln Memorial, he came face to face with professional protesters that tried to provoke him as he stood silent with his hands behind his back. Mainstream media portrayed his as the aggressor and attacked him without investigation. He felt that he was being canceled, made void, but refused to be silenced by the far left.  Sandmann fought hard to expose the media for their lies and won. Feels that Trump has constant unfair media.

Pam Bondi – Former Attorney General of Florida: Said that Joe Biden has treated America as the land of opportunism instead of opportunity for over 47 years based on the fact that his family benefited not Americans. Detailed Hunter Biden’s business with the Ukraine and China as Joe Biden used his power as Vice President to achieve business goals for his son. Also shared benefits received by another family member regarding a construction contract in Iraq and taxpayer backed loans in Costa Rica and Jamaica. Trump is a tough, no nonsense outsider that can’t be bought or intimidated. Doesn’t take a paycheck from the American people. Saving (Trump) versus Swindling (Biden). Biden’s campaign slogan should be “Build the Bidens Back Better.”

Special Feature: Trump has more women on his top team than any president before and has given women many opportunities in his administration.

Tiffany Trump – President Trump’s Youngest Daughter: Recent college graduate that says we should make judgment based on results not rhetoric. Manipulation by the media impedes our freedom to form our own beliefs, which leads to being mentally enslaved in fear. Having hope is not weakness. Believing in miracles is a gift from God. Says her father challenges the establishment and dreams big dreams for America. MAGA drives him to keep his promises.

Kim Reynolds – Governor of Iowa: Talked about how Iowa is farmland that feeds and fuels the worlds, and refers to the state as one big small town – neighbor helping neighbor. When a massive storm recently wiped out millions of acres of crops and caused devastation, President Trump stepped up to help. The Trump administration was on the ground and gave full back of the federal government.  Providing needed relief to aid farmers, fighting for workers, or hammering out trade deals, Trump and Pence get things done

Mike Pence – Vice President: Spoke from Lincoln’s boyhood home about America being the land of opportunity and how Trump fights every day to protect promise of American liberty. Featured 8 year old Sarah and Jack Hughes (school choice), Lara and Jordan McLinn (Right to Try Act), Judge Cheryl Allen (dealing with injustice), Gino Di Fabio (American truck driver), Pastor Aaron Johnson (Tulsa Dream Center), and Lidia Brodine (small business owner).

Ryan Holets – Albuquerque police officer: Shared about meeting a pregnant woman named Crystal when he was working that was addicted to drugs and how he and his family adopted her baby, Hope. Talked about the opioid crisis in America and how much the Trump administration has done to put an end to the crisis. Drug overdoses decreased for the first time in 30 years

Jeanette Nunez – Lt. Governor of Florida: Delivered a message on Faith, Family, and Freedom. Spoke about being the daughter of Cuban immigrants and how her parents fled Communist Cuba when the country abolished religious freedom. Says that the Democrats normalize socialism that does not offer opportunity. Trump believes in capitalism and strengthening our economy.

Special Feature: Restoring integrity to immigration system. Pathway to legal citizenship. Naturalization ceremony with President Trump.

Eric Trump – President Trump’s son: Shared about his father’s focus on the forgotten man and woman in America and how he puts America first. Democrats will destroy our country and continually disrespect our flag. The liberal left want to censor thoughts and opinions that are different from their radical views. Donald Trump fights for All Americans.

Daniel Cameron – First African American Attorney General in Kentucky: Trump is striving to make life better for everyone through peace, justice, and equality. While we must come together to heal our nation’s wounds, Republicans won’t accept assault on Western civilization. He called out Biden for grouping all Blacks together and declared his is not “in chains.”

Mike Pompeo – Secretary of State: Spoke from Jerusalem about how President Trump puts America’s safety first and focuses on securing peace so that Americans can enjoy our freedoms.

Melania Trump – First Lady: Delivered a beautiful speech about the strength of the female spirit, power of the American people, and her love for America as an immigrant. Ms. Trump shared what she has accomplished thus far as First Lady and how much Americans and people from all over the world deeply impact her. She understands that it is a privilege to live in America. Recognized the pain that the coronavirus crisis caused our country. Supports her husband’s re-election and is committed to her role as First Lady for another four years.

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