Day #4 of the Republican National Convention cemented the re-election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States!

The final evening was filled with inspirational speakers that showed the heart and spirit of America. President Trump ended the evening with a speech that laid out his plans for the next four years stating that we will work together to write the next chapter of the great American story. 

Enjoy these powerful highlights from Day #4 of the RNC…

Republican National Convention – Night #4

Evangelist Franklin Graham: Led opening prayer for our nation

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California Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Recap of the accomplishments of the Trump administration. How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are dangerous for the future of America.  Renewing the American Dream is the goal of the Republican Party. President Trump has kept his promises, but there’s still so much more to do.

Ja’Ron Smith, Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy: Grew up in a blue collar city in a blue collar home. Democrats don’t show the American worker as African Americans. Attended Howard University and now works for the President of United States. Used to believe the Republican stereotypes. Not anymore. Says Donald Trump really does care about Black America, which he’s shown through his action. Trump understands that education is an equalizer. That’s why he secured funding for Black colleges and universities. Proud to say that Trump is his President.

Special Feature: The Democrat Party has changed. It’s turned radical and anti-America. People speak about leaving the Democrat party and why.

Jeff Van Drew, New Jersey Rep: Former dentist that was a Conservative Democrat that served in office on a local level and Congress. He saw that the Democrats moved away from conservativism to liberalism. He voted against liberal Pelosi, and he saw the party move from liberal to radical when the Squad was elected. Democrats threatened him that if he didn’t vote for impeachment, his life would be difficult. He voted against impeachment and later met with President Trump. After the meeting, he switched to the Republican Party. Joe Biden is being told what to do by the radicals running the Democrat Party.  In President Trump’s America, we are a strong nation in all areas. His advice, be true to who you are now not who the Democrats used to be.

Stacia Brightmon, Veteran: Homeless veteran that was unable to gain employment despite working hard and educating herself. She got involved in workforce program that trained her and gave her to opportunity to secure employment. Thank you to President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump for establishing the workforce training programs that gave her a career path and future for her family.

Dan Scavino, Social Media Strategist: Worked with President Trump for over 30 years. Trump saw potential in him to be more and achieve more than he thought was possible for himself. That’s how he also sees America.  Trump is a kind and decent man as he’s seen personally. The media is a fog machine creating a partisan midst that blinds reality. The President can’t be bought or bullied. He’s not building his life as a politician. He’s building a life for the American people. The President can’t be beaten. He has a fighting spirit for American and he won’t quit.

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Senator – Majority Leader: Trump fights for Middle America. Democrats don’t care about Middle America. They just want to control your life and take away your rights. President Trump fights for you and your rights. The Republican Senate is the firewall that stops the liberal left agenda from destroying America. The stakes have never been higher. Support Republican Senate candidates across the country and re-elect Donald J. Trump as the President of our nation.

Special Feature: The American Athlete.

Dana White, Ultimate Fighting Championship President: Democrat leadership has forgotten the critical role that first responders and law enforcement have in America. Defunding these vital positions is not the answer. We need to take care of them. Trump has faced the obstacles of covid-19 head-on and reached out to businesses like his to help fight the pandemic. His highest priority was the health and safety of everyone in our country. President Trump went above and beyond to help ALL sporting leagues. The UFC was the first to come back with President Trump’s help.  Trump is loyal with unstoppable energy. No one will out work him. He loves America and believes in the people of our country. Trump will work tirelessly for America. He’s the only President in modern times that has done everything that he said he would do. What unites us is freedom, equality, and opportunity.

Sean Reyes, Utah Attorney General: Shared about the warrior spirit that he learned from his immigrant father that lived the American Dream. He is a warrior that fights human trafficking. President Trump is also a fierce warrior against human trafficking. He visited with Trump about the rescues in which he promised to attack the evils of human trafficking. The Trump administration has done more than any other administration to stop trafficking.

Debbie Flood, Wisconsin Manufacturing Executive: Makes all products from start to finish under one roof in America. In the 2000s, they lost a lot of business to China. Donald Trump fights for America’s worker and brought back “Made in America.” First time that the government was on her side. Tax cuts allowed her to raise employee wages. Joe Biden doesn’t know anything about business or creating jobs. President Trump has her support for re-election.

Special Feature: Public housing. How Bill de Blasio has ruined the lives of those that live in public housing. Under the Trump administration, public housing has received an influx of cash. Democrats put illegal aliens before Black Americans. Trump has listened about the problems of public housing and brought real solutions.

Ann Dorn: Widow of Ret. St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn. After 44 years, he retired from the police department. He was helping a friend with security at a pawnshop when he got a call that the pawnshop front door of pawnshop was breached and he went to check it out. The looters shot and killed her husband in cold blood. His last moments of life were live-streamed on Facebook as he laid dying on the sidewalk. Spoke about positive, peaceful change instead of disregard for human life. Violence and destruction are not legitimate forms of protests. President Trump understands this and has provided help to stop the violence.

Ben Carson, Former Neurosurgeon and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: America is great when we behave greatly. We must love our fellow citizens. Change comes through hope and love not violence. President Trump believes in the people. He makes promises and keeps them. He does not submit to political correctness or the media. Trump is REAL. Right now, we need REAL.  We must remember all of those that sacrificed everything to give us freedom. Trump wants everyone to succeed. Democrats incite division by claiming Trump is a racist. They couldn’t be more wrong, and his actions to empower the Black community proves it. African Americans have the highest abortion rates. President Trump is the most Pro-Life President that has the courage to stand for life.  He has a vision for a prosperous America

Patrick Lynch, Police Benevolent Association: Endorsement of Trump for re-election because the stakes have never been higher based on the violent crime impacting American cities. Democrats have walked away from police and the innocent people that they protect. They’ve slashed police budgets and hijacked the criminal justice system. Violence is the goal of the radical left to defund the police. Our country is suffering, and Democrats don’t care. Nobody hates bad cops more than good cops. Democrats make all cops bad. That’s not true. Their message is that police officers are the enemy. Criminals are taking advantage of the message. We must stop the message and expose the lies of the left. Donald Trump is the voice for the police and has never apologized for supporting law enforcement.  Two things keep police going…the victims that need them and the words of the President that he will never let them down.  You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani: New York City used to be America’s safest large city. The city is currently in shock due to violent crime under Democratic leadership. Liberal progressive District Attorneys release the criminals when they are arrested. Don’t let Democrats do to America what they’ve done to New York. Biden has changed his principles so often that he no longer has principles. Democrats are pro-criminal, anti-police. Black Lives Matter and Antifa hijacked peaceful protests and turned them into brutal riots in Democrat cities. Police were handcuffed by progressive Democrat mayors despite the slaughter of innocent children and youth. For Republicans, ALL Black Lives and ALL Lives Matter. The riots in the Democrat cities give you a view of a future under Joe Biden. The progressive Democrat approach to crime is to do nothing. A vote for Biden is a vote for lawlessness in your city. Restoring safety cannot be done from a basement. President Trump will fight with all of his strength to restore law and order and will make our nation safe again.

Tom Cotton, Arkansas Senator: Donald Trump puts America first. That’s why America is safer now than four years ago. Compares records of Joe Biden and President Trump. Joe Biden aided China’s rise. Trump stands up to China and protects our nation from the Communists. China is rooting for China to be America’s next President. We need someone that stands up for America not someone like Biden that takes a knee. If we want peace, we must be strong. President Trump’s strength has kept us peaceful. Vote to Keep America Great.

Carl and Marsh Mueller: Daughter, Kayla a humanitarian aid worker, was murdered by ISIS. She was in Turkey helping Syrian refugees. August 4, 2014, she was kidnapped by ISIS. She was tortured, beaten, and raped by their leader, Al Baghdadi, for 18 months. Obama refused to meet with them. Joe Biden never contacted their family. They felt hopeless. The military was prepared for rescue but the Obama administration delayed it until it was too late. Under President Trump, Al Baghdadi was killed and the operation was named after their daughter. Trump gave them empathy that they never received from the Obama administration.  If Donald Trump had been president, Kayla would be alive. They support Trump for President to keep America safe.

Alice Johnson, Criminal Justice Reform Advocate: Sentenced to life for nonviolent drug crime. President Trump gave her a second chance. She went to prison in 1996 as a first time offender. Her transformation while incarcerated was described as extraordinary. Her Christian faith kept hope alive. When President Trump heard about her, he had compassion and acted. Free in body, thanks to Trump. Free in mind, thanks to God. She was release on June 6, 2018. Now, she uses her voice to tell the others that are forgotten in prison. Trump signed the First Step Act into law that brought hope, joy, and freedom for many that were incarcerated. She was not delayed or denied, she was destined for a time as this.

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter and White House Advisor: Introduced President Trump. Shared about the leader she knows and stories about a President that cares about America. President Trump takes pride in his family. Donald Trump didn’t come to office to win praise from the Elites. He came to Make America Great Again. You always know where he stands. Results speak for themselves. He is unapologetic for his beliefs and challenges others to take a look at their own convictions. We want a culture where differences are encouraged not canceled. New and profound experience to meet American workers that are thankful for standing up for them. Father isn’t deterred by defeatist thinkers. He believes that nothing is beyond our reach and that the best is yet to come.

Her father believes in the potential of each individual. Trump is a voice for those in prison with his criminal justice reform. He has a deep passion for those that have been treated unfairly. President Trump is advancing the American values of work and family. Last year over 70% of all jobs were secured by women. Largest ever increase for childcare funding. Child tax credit put money into the pockets of 40 million families. Not a single Democrat voted to pass the law. 72% of new jobs went to Americans that had been outside of the workforce.

Washington chooses party, President Trump chooses people. To protect the most vulnerable, she worked with her father on 9 pieces of legislation against human trafficking. She heard foreign leaders beg Trump not to move the embassy to Jerusalem. He did it anyway. Then he help make the historic peace agreement in the Middle East. He calls out Washington’s hypocrisy, but we love it. Washington has not changed Donald Trump. Donald Trump has changed Washington.

President Donald J. Trump: He acknowledged his family and his brother, Robert that recently passed away. He also acknowledged the Pence family before he accepted his nomination for President of the United States. Spoke about goal of record prosperity. Protect America against all threats. Reach for new heights of national achievement. New spirit of unity that can only be realized for love of our great country. America is the torch that enlightens the entire world.

The White House is the people’s house. Spoke of leaders before him that fought for freedom. This is the most important election in the history of our country. At no time before, have voters voiced a more important choice. Socialists are trying to destroy our destiny as a nation. How can the Democrat party ask to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country?

Joe Biden is not a savior of America’s soul, he’s the destroyer of America’s job. And if given the chance, he will be the destroyer of America’s greatness. Took money from blue collar workers, gave them “hugs and kisses” and told them that he felt their pain only to fly back to Washington to give China their jobs.

From the moment he left his former life behind, he’s done nothing but fight for the American people. He broke the cardinal rule of Washington politics by keeping his promises. The political class are desperate to get their power back by any means necessary, because he’s committed to be America First.

He kept his word to the American people by taking hard-hitting action against China. He ended the NAFTA nightmare and signed the Mexico-Canada agreement into law. Trump refused to back down on immigration and America’s borders are more secure than ever before. Took down human traffickers, deported 20,000 gang members, and deported 500,000 criminal illegal aliens. Adding more miles of border walls every week. Recognized border patrol agents. American jobs are for American workers first.

He took on big pharma and signed orders that lower costs of prescription drugs and give patients access to life-saving cures. 91% approval rating for VA. Passed historic criminal justice reform. Produced highest unemployment numbers for every race and gender in our nation.  More for the black community in 3.5 years than Joe Biden in 47 years.

When he took office, the country was in complete chaos. He’s kept his promises to the American people. He kept us out of war and our troops are coming home. We are rebuilding our military that was deleted plus given our warriors pay raises. Biden’s record is a shameful roll-call of the most catastrophic betrayals and blunders in our lifetime.  China supports Joe Biden and desperately wants him to win. China would own our country if Joe Biden got elected.  Unlike Biden, he will hold China accountable.

Many Americans lost friends and loved ones to the coronavirus. In their honor, we will unite and overcome. When the Chinavirus hit, we launched the largest mobilization since World War II. Acknowledged front line medical workers. Shipped hundreds of millions of masks, gowns, etc. to front line workers and still providing PPE as needed. Developed from scratch most advanced testing system and convalescent plasma that will save thousands of lives. Fatality rate has been reduced by 80% since April. The United State is lower than most other countries fatality rates.  Largest package of financial relief in financial history.

We are recovering at a much faster rate economically than any nation in the world with 9 million jobs created. His bold action to issue travel ban on China and Europe saved lives. Joe Biden criticized this action; however, he wants to inflict a complete shutdown on the country. The cost of the proposed Biden shutdown would be at a cost of not only jobs, but human lives. Joe Biden’s plan is not a solution to the virus, it’s a surrender to the virus. His plan focuses on the science and data to open our country again.

At the Democratic National Convention, you didn’t hear about their agenda, because it’s so radical. Joe Biden has pledged a 4 Trillion Dollar tax hike on all American families. Our economy and stock market would collapse. Trump commits to cut more taxes substantially and provide tax credits to bring jobs out of China and back to America. Joe Biden’s agenda is Made in China. His agenda is Made in the USA.

Millions of jobs will be lost and energy prices will soar under Biden. How can Joe Biden be an ally of the light when his own party can’t keep the lights on? The Biden/Bernie manifesto gives illegal aliens rights including healthcare, supports sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens, and eliminates America’s borders including taking down the wall. Without borders, we do not have a country.

Trump will expand charter schools and provide school choice to every child in America. Treat teachers with respect. Joe Biden wants to shutdown charter schools taking opportunities away from children. 

Joe Biden claims he has empathy for the vulnerable yet the party he leads supports abortion to the moment of birth. We declare that all children born and unborn have a God-given right to life. The words “under God” were removed from the pledge of allegiance twice. We will never do that.  We will uphold religious liberties.

Bide is a Trojan horse to socialism. He can’t stand up to the radicals so he can’t stand up to you. The Bernie/Biden manifesto calls to stop cash bail and release criminals. Biden supports defunding police and supported radicals calling police “cancer.” Democrats do not support law enforcement. The Trump administration will always stand with the men and women of law enforcement. We must give police their power back. They can’t do their jobs when they are always afraid to lose them.  We cannot allow mob rule. We must always have law and order.

Joe Biden and his supporters remain quiet about the rioters. In the face of left wing anarchy and mayhem, Joe Biden’s campaign didn’t condemn, they donated to it. We will defend the right of every American citizen to live in peace. We will remain the voice of the Patriotic heroes that keep America safe. Top ten most dangerous cities in America are ran by Democrats. Joe Biden and the left ignore the victims of violent crime. Trump never will. If we don’t win, your second amendment right do not have a chance of surviving.

The goal of cancel culture is to make Americans live in fear of being driven from society and scare you out of saying what you know to be true. But on November 3rd, you can send them a thundering message that they will never forget.

Joe Biden is weak. He takes his marching orders from liberal hypocrites. Despite their agenda, we will work together to write the next chapter of the great American story. This is the most important election in the history of our country. There has never been such a difference in the ideology of two candidates.

America is the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. We are a nation of fierce, proud Patriots who refused to be held back. There’s no one like us on Earth. With hard work, devotion and drive, you can achieve any goal in America. Americans build our future. We don’t tear down our past. With America, nothing is impossible.

Vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump on November 3rd!