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*7* Facts about the Breonna Taylor Case that You won’t Hear in the Fake News


Many philosophical, broader questions including procedure and morality have come up as a result of the death of Breonna Taylor.

Yet regarding facts and the legal reasoning, an avalanche of false, misleading or otherwise irrelevant information has been broadcast. This has been by news media, activists, celebrities and private individuals electronically, that is, on social media.

Fact #1: Police had substantive evidence of Breonna Taylor’s involvement, including her residence, in a large-scale drug operation involving convicted drug dealer, Jamarcus Glover.

The search warrant for Taylor’s apartment, seeking drugs and drug money, was based upon this series of contacts between Glover and Taylor prior to the night of the shooting.

In a series of phone calls made just hours after Taylor’s death as Jamarcus Glover was trying raise money for bail, he told someone that he had left $14,000 in cash with Taylor.

The New York Times [1] reported that Glover was quoted as having said “Bre been having all my money.”  He also told an associate he had left money at Ms. Taylor’s home.

Fact #2: Substantial-length leaked documents [2] indicate a strong tie between Glovers’ drug activity and Taylor.

Two quotes strongly indicate Taylor’s involvement. Documents revealed a phone call transcript between Glover, who was incarcerated at the time, and Taylor. In the jail conversation Glover asked “You talk to Doug (Adrian Walker)?”  She responded, “Yeah, I did. He said he was already back at the trap.”

Adrian Walker was a figure under surveillance by police in the same drug ring. The “trap” is a drug house.

Fact #3: Jamarcus Glover was sending packages to Breonna Taylor’s home.

Glover claims that packages sent to Taylor’s house were clothes. He stated he didn’t have them delivered at his home, because he was concerned they would be stolen. No drugs were found at her home, but items seized from her apartment included mail addressed to Glover. 

Fact #4: Police did not raid the wrong house.

They had five warrants related to the drug operation. Breonna Taylor’s Springfield Drive residence was one of them.

Fact #5: The police did not execute a “no-knock warrant”

Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend at the time of her death, Kenneth Walker, were in bed watching a movie when police knocked on the door. Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron stated that police knocked and announced themselves. He added that neighbors corroborated this.

Fact #6: Kenneth Walker fired first and shot a police officer.

Police attempted to forcibly enter the apartment when Walker fired a single shot from a legally-registered handgun. Walker had no criminal record, he states he did not hear the police verbally announce their presence and charges relating to his opening fire were later dropped.

The shot struck Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the leg. Mattingly was not struck by friendly fire from officers with him. The bullet was from a 9mm gun, which none of the officers carried.

Fact #7: Breonna Taylor was not asleep in bed when she was shot.

Police returned fire after Kenneth Walker fired his weapon. Taylor was struck by the gunfire while standing in the hallway of her home alongside boyfriend Kenneth Walker. Many people speculate as to why Walker was not injured.

A Kentucky grand jury indicted one Louisville officer and no murder charges were issued in connection with the case. However, federal investigation is still on-going.


Riots have plagued our cities and police have been attacked in the name of Breonna Taylor without most people knowing the real facts of the case.

Listen to the Conservative Business Journal Podcast interview [3] between host, John Di Lemme, and Judge Jeanine Pirro as they discuss the riots in America and dangers associated with the movement to defund the police…


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