I used to refer to Kamala Harris as ‘Kamala The Wonder Horse.’

My description of her was only off by one word: Trojan.

When you have former Vice President Biden and candidate Kamala Harris both accidentally talk about a Harris-Biden administration, there could be an alarming truth behind these statements.

Consider that such a plan to infiltrate the White House with an unelectable radical like Harris could have been carefully orchestrated more than a year ago.

Remember July 20, 2020 when Congresswoman Pelosi made the statement that she would be the second in line for the presidency?

Many were confused about her statement.

Recall Biden on the campaign trail saying he was a transition candidate for the presidency?

Kamala has ties to globalist billionaire George Soros, in fact, he endorsed her as the candidate of choice. Additionally, his son tweeted his pleasure in Biden choosing her as his running mate.

On August 6, 2018, Investment Watch magazine speculated that Kamala Harris was being propped up to be a Trojan horse candidate for 2020.

The only way to get an unpopular Kamala in office is through the backdoor, using a lame candidate controlled by extreme Marxists that hijacked his campaign.

At what point will Biden be declared incompetent to run the country?

They will probably wait until after the election to make the announcement, fearing Kamala will not have the ability to get the votes or enough phony ballots to cross the finish line.

How does Pelosi fit in if Biden leaves office?

Will she declare herself the Vice President and stay there permanently or will she be the de facto President while the fraudulent ballots are being “counted?”

Will Harris be found to be not a natural-born citizen making her ineligible to be President and Nancy will take the reins?

A Harris-Biden administration promises the Green New Deal, confiscation of guns, a continuation of radical thugs burning cities, and draconian mandatory steps to continue Covid19 fears far past its shelf life.

Rights will be taken from citizens and the states.

These plans can be thwarted simply by voting for Donald Trump and his commitment to American values.

We must vote for Donald Trump to thwart this evil plan that contradicts the will and constitution of we the people.

We must do all we can for this particularly important election. Our country is at stake.


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