The hardest thing in politics is to sell is an evil and unpopular political agenda that no pro-American would ever agree with.

Most voters who will pull the lever for the Harris Biden ticket are honest patriotic citizens who have not looked beyond the optics and rhetoric of the campaigns for the 2020 presidential election.

In short, the only way to sell dishonesty is to lie cheat and steal, the motto of the Democrat party.

“Orange man bad” is the smoke screen in which Biden can peddle his unpopular ideas to those who do not honestly investigate a candidate’s policies on their own. Therefore, the mainstream thinks it is their job to provide propaganda for voters who do not think for themselves.

Biden supporters are largely made of people who are either underinformed, culturally driven or believe everything they see in the mainstream media about their candidate and his opponent.

Only a fringe majority of his voters are extreme radicals. You can include the media as radicals for pushing low information voters into believing our president a racist, Russian agent and every other lie they peddled.

A 2016 well-orchestrated grass roots media and Democrat campaign to smear the President as a Russian agent, racist and the one who owns everything wrong with the pandemic, has been largely effective in the dark lit room of half truths.

Selling Biden’s policies are almost impossible because his campaign is trying to please their average voters while courting their far left radical socialist, communist, and fascist supporters.

If Biden’s average supporters vetted his economic plans many would run away after seeing what he plans to undo from the Trump tax cuts. Democrats know raising taxes is very unpopular and counterproductive to any economy while the radicals are all for it.

The green new deal will end gas powered automobiles, airplanes and eliminate beef, steak, and bacon. It will shut down farms and lose millions of jobs in select fuel and farm related industries.

Who in their informed mind would vote for that but radicals who are champions for all things evil and unjust? No Mr. Biden, the average person does not believe Antifa is just an idea!

Many of my Black Christian friends are supporting the Biden ticket because they are being led to the proverbial slaughter by their religious leaders.

They know Joe and Kamala support aborting live babies up the point of birth claiming the rights of women outweigh the rights of the unborn. How can a Christian support policy that go against the word of God? Is culture more powerful?

In my experience it is justifiable for Blacks to remove the “Racist in Chief” from office. Of course, everyone must band together support Kamala the first “Black” VP candidate no matter how unscrupulously fraudulent she is.

Kamala made a spectacle of herself during the debate against Vice President Pence. Like Biden, she blatantly lied and flopped on their own policies pertaining to fracking, raising taxes among other things.

They both know their ideas would drive their sane base away from them if the media ever reported it. Had the media was honest about their reporting, Biden and Harris would not have made it to this point.

Segregationist Joe would have gone down in flames for his part in the Ukraine bribe scandal or his part in Russia gate during the 2016 Trump campaign. Does anyone really believe Biden created hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and Trump lost more than that? 

Over the years, we have devolved from studying issues and platforms to popularity contests. Voting is turning into a reality show where people choose sides just like they do their favorite football teams.

With the fake news media running their own propaganda machine, very scary things can happen that may cause irreparable damage to our nation based on frivolity.

If Biden wins, consider Antifa, BLM taking over cities where there are no police to protect the citizens. It will be the wild west again and that will only be the beginning.

Kamala will take your 2nd amendment away as she has promised in the past.

Biden will reestablish all the Obama deals, and America will lose to China.

Our military will be severely cut as in the Obama administration and we will be defenseless against our enemies foreign and domestic.

And that’s just the start of how a Harris/Biden Administration will destroy our country. Yes, I said Harris/Biden, because that’s what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said. Plus we know who will really be running the show since Biden is mentally incompetent.

Thank God for President Trump for calling out the truth and informing those who listen. If we love our country and believe in law and order, we must protect our constitution by voting for Donald J. Trump on November 3rd, 2020.


Watch these clips of me a few of my fellow Patriots sharing why the Democrat lie about President Trump being a racist is just absurd…


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