As a retired FBI agent, I was upset by the June 4, 2020 image of FBI agents kneeling before violent protesters in Washington DC. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA demanded the agents kneel in support of their lawlessness.

The premier law enforcement on earth complied with that ultimatum. This one image will stain the FBI’s legacy forever. The Bureau I knew would have suspended and possibly fired all 21 agents for violating their oath of office, in addition to cowardice and supporting the goals of anarchists.

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You may be shocked at what actually happened to the ‘Gang of 21.” Read on… 

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA have been dating since the riots in Ferguson. They married and spent their honeymoon in DC following George Floyd’s death. The illegal activity of both groups span state borders making the FBI the default agency tasked to stop them.

Unfortunately, the FBI became a political agency under James Comey and continues under Christopher Wray.

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The FBI Director recently described ANTIFA as “more of an ideology or a movement than an organization, and the FBI doesn’t investigate ideology; it investigates violence.”

Wray’s misguided notion that an “ideology” is a belief, excuses the burning, looting, stabbings, and nightly attacks on citizens and police officers committed by ANTIFA as a philosophical assault.

In an amazing display of hypocrisy Wray told lawmakers in 2017 that the FBI was investigating “anarchist-extremist” elements where individuals appear motivated to commit acts of violence “on kind of an Antifa ideology.”

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” — Winston Churchill.”

Bureaucrats, politicians, and the beltway media freely alter the meaning of words in support of their agenda. NBC for example banned their reporters from using the word “riot” while covering riots.

NBC reporter Craig Melvin stated, “While the situation on the ground in Minneapolis is fluid, and there has been violence, it is most accurate at this time to describe what is happening there as ‘protests’–not riots.”

One reporter stood before a raging arson fire while staring at the camera and claiming he is observing mostly peaceful protests.

Which brings us back to the ‘Gang of 21.’

The kneeling agents are sworn law enforcement officers who were equipped with FBI patches, ballistic vests, sidearms, handcuffs, radios and were dispatched into riots.


Their mission was either a show of force, in support other law enforcement personnel or gathering intel.

The FBI supervisors who planned the operation knew that the mob was violently anti-law enforcement so what was the pre-brief, “Let’s get out there and if confronted by an angry mob……..kneel?”

Let’s put this incident into perspective…

A platoon of Marines are dispatched to patrol a hostile area of possible Taliban extremists. They confront an angry shouting mob who may not be armed but demand that the Marines kneel in solidarity to their cause.

I can assure you any Marine who took a knee, would be rightfully court martialed.

Recent unpublished reports indicate that the on-site supervisor commanded the agents to kneel in order not to provoke the rioters.

The FBI agents that I served with would have refused this unlawful order and stood tall.

Did the supervisor or any member in the Gang of 21 receive a letter of censure, verbal reprimand, or suspension? Were they arrested for impersonating an FBI agent? Nope, but they did pay for their sins.

FBI agents are bystanders to many disturbing incidents during their career. Mass murders, kidnappings gone bad, and bombings like the Boston Marathon.

Some agents are emotionally affected by their work and the Bureau offers support systems. This is understandable.

The Gang of 21 returned to the Washington FBI Field Division and were ignored. Their feelings were hurt. Times have really changed.

Forty years ago, a few of the unapologetic Gang of 21 would have been physically challenged. Thirty years ago, most would have been verbally assaulted.

Twenty years ago, many agents would refuse to work with them. Today, ignoring someone must be the new waterboarding.

But this is not the end of the story. An FBI fraternal organization sent each member in the gang of 21 a one hundred dollar dining card gift certificate to sooth their angst.

The Comey Gang may no longer be running the FBI but the agency is still in serious trouble. Our culture is plagued, by political correctness, mission confusion, recruiting, mentoring, and lack of leadership.

There seems to be no effort to change course.


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