We all should be thankful to President Donald Trump in 2020 for the three years prior to the purposely induced Chinese Covid-19 pandemic.

He improved things greatly as he struggled, with difficulty and resistance mostly from the despicable socialist Democrats and RINO phonies, to undo much of the horrible economy and Marxist claptrap that Obama, Biden, and their America despising administration foisted on the country during their eight-year fiasco.

We all need to keep in mind that our nation does NOT belong to the slimy politicians and demagogues that we see all around us.

It belongs to “WE THE PEOPLE”, and we, the people, must reclaim our land and our freedom that we’ve allowed to be stolen away from us by the despicable socialists who have infested our nation for the past 100 or more years.

Although we’d all like to believe that our younger fellow citizens are as interested in preserving our constitutional republic as are we “experienced” citizens, sadly that is not the case for far too many of our millennial and younger Americans.

As an “old geezer” myself, I can relate to such concerns. When I was a young man, our nation was much different, and much better, in my opinion.

I’ve asked myself countless times—and I’ll bet you have too— “What happened to that happy, peaceful world of our youth?”

It’s patently obvious that the United States of 2020 is NOT the country most of us grew up in and came to love.

No one in my youth wanted to change our national anthem from “The Star-Spangled Banner” to some disgusting pro-socialist, pro-Black Lives Matters creed.

I tell my children and grandchildren that it was a different world when I was young, and they look at me with clouded eyes. They don’t understand how different (and better) things were in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s when I was young, despite economic uncertainties and a world war.

Then they ask me WHY I and people from my generation let that “better world” of our youth slip away from us, rather than passing it on to them.

I squirm uncomfortably at their queries and innocent accusations and ponder an acceptable answer to their questions.

But I can’t formulate any reasonable responses, and can only come up with EXCUSES, which I’m ashamed to give to them—and to you.

All I can tell them is ‘I don’t know what happened’ to that better world, and turn my head away in shame because I haven’t told them the truth.

I don’t want them to see my tears of remorse, because I don’t know how to ask them to forgive me—to forgive us who came right after “The Greatest Generation.”  

You see, I DO know what happened to the halcyon world of my youth. I’m ashamed to admit that I gave it away through carelessness and indifference to the liars, to the schemers, to the verminous politicians, to the proponents of that progressive (socialist) new world order.

I didn’t recognize that beloved sentiments as patriotism, love of heritage and history, love of family ties, love of God, and keeping one’s word were being diminished by the radicals. May God and our descendants forgive us for what we did and even more importantly, for what we DIDN’T do!

But we have a chance to preserve at least some of our Constitutional liberties that are fading rapidly in our nation.  

We can vote for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party candidates on November 3rd.  We can refuse to vote for ANY candidates of the anti-American, anti-freedom, pro-socialist Democrat Party—the party I now call The Klan of New Bolsheviks

Though many will not believe it, the destruction of our free enterprise, Constitutional Republic is what the present-day treasonous Democrats brazenly tell us they are going to try to accomplish if the American people are foolish enough to vote them into positions of power.

For this has been the reason for the forked tongue existence of the Democrat Party ever since it coalesced into its present form in the 1820s.  

It’s a historical fact that the Democrat Party since its beginning has hated our Constitutional Republic and the restrictions against unbridled government growth written into our Constitution. That’s why the Democrat Party has increasingly ignored it for decades!

You who are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats can disagree with me until the cows come home, but you who are politically savvy and historically honest with yourselves know that I speak the truth!

Many of our original Founders detested the idea of political parties. George Washington did, and so did others. So do I.

Un-American political groups like the Democrat Party and the phony RINO Republicans shred away loyalty to and support of our Constitutional form of government.

Instead, they ignite the petty and hot-headed party passions of class divisions, racial animosity, lust for power, endless foreign wars, and the accumulations of ill-earned gains and the domination of one group over another.

We see all of these things in our country today, and especially in this socialist dominated, violent, and hate-filled election season of 2020. All organized and financed by Democrat demagogues and ultra-wealthy despisers of our Constitutional Republic.

The decisions we all make on November 3rd will likely shape the future of freedom in America for generations to come, and whether or not freedom AND our Constitutional Republic will ultimately survive.

I am voting to re-elect President Donald J. Trump.  That’s my decision—my blow for freedom.  I hope it’s yours too!


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