During his recent town hall, Joe Biden told a young man in the audience that “people of color are behind the 8 ball.”  

You can see the blank look on the young man’s face as Biden rambles on and on and on without ever answering his question.

Watch here to see the craziness for yourself…

That young man was looking to Democratic President Candidate Joe Biden for answers. Instead, he got bizarre ramblings about the plight of people of color. 

Why does Biden always treat Black and Brown people like victims or a population that is inferior to everyone else in America? He calls President Trump a “racist” but we all know who the real racist is…Joe Biden!

Do you believe Dr. Fauci when he says another COVID surge is on the way?

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Watch these clips of my Conservative Business Journal Podcast Show interviews with Patriots as they share Why President Trump is absolutely NOT racist…

Joe Biden has proven that he is absolutely not fit to be President of the United States!  Vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020.


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