Another attack on young Conservatives transpired on a university campus. This time, it was at the University of Northern Texas. Sadly, it’s become an all too common trend that plays out like this…

A conservative student group wants to publicly express ideas and beliefs.

They get approval from the school and execute their plan.

Leftist students and activists do something violent and/or reactionary to stop and disrupt it.

→ Radical left disruptors that harass Conservatives and damaged the display receive a simple slap on the hand or no punishment at all.

Kelly Neidert is Chairwoman of the Young Conservatives of Texas Chapter (YCT) at the University of Northern Texas. She and others were approved to create a display that commemorated the unborn victims of abortion and showed the Roe versus Wade’s death toll since the 1973 decision.

They placed 1,000 small pink flags on a green at the college. Each flag represented 60,000 deaths; 60 million abortions total.

They were not shy about their messaging. Their group’s Twitter page had tweeted a poster saying “We’re coming for Roe.”

Young Conservatives of Texas - Pro-Life - Conservative Business Journal

The Tower reports that soon after the memorial was placed, vandals attacked it, removing and stealing 350 of the flags as well as the display signs meant to inform UNT students about the purpose of the memorial. They also refused any form of civil discussion while yelling profanities at the YCT members who witnessed the destruction of the memorial.

There are numerous reasons why this conservative message and the vandalism are different than the usual hard-left temper tantrum on a college campus.

First, political tensions have spiked in the latter half of 2020 and don’t look to be coming back down soon.

Second, this was a pro-life display. President Trump has nominated a justice that appears to be personally pro-life and center-right on the interpretation of the Constitution.

This was most different, however, in that the vandals said they would do this ahead of time on social media and a shockingly gleeful tone ran through many of their messages regarding tearing down a memorial to aborted children. 

Individual messages in high volume were sent to Chapter Chairwoman Kelly Neidert. Most alarming was a tweet that was a direct threat to Neidert’s safety.

Another alarming direct message urged her to kill herself and was followed immediately by another message of 3 horror-clown emojis. Neidart has said that she feels “very unsafe on campus.”

Videos surfaced online of various students, in daylight, yanking flags and signs out of the green. When interviewed, Neidert said the college had not communicated directly to her about the incidents, her essentially being threatened, and the dangerous messaging she has received. 

Young Conservatives of Texas - Pro-Life - Conservative Business Journal

Niedert was informed by campus police that an individual was cited for theft of the flags. The liberal left actors received nothing more than a slap on the hand.

How far will it have to go before these bad acts and threats are taken seriously?


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