“This is how it started,” Paqui, my great grandma, tells me. She is holding my hand watching the news on TV.  Scenes of rioting, burning, and looting flash across the screen destroying American cities in the name of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

This was not the first time Paqui started worrying that the United States had crossed the point of no return into the slippery slope of socialism.

By 2020, 102 year-old Paqui had suffered enough at the hands of socialism to know the signs when she saw them. Paqui helped raise me, and I grew up seeing the world with the lens of her life stories.

Paqui grew up in Cuba. It was beautiful, advanced, and one of the most successful countries in Latin America.

Cuban American Trump Socialism - Conservative Business Journal

Her husband was an orthopedic surgeon; her daughter and son were both educated. Her sisters were successful entertainers, her brother-in-law was the famous Mr. Television.

Cuban American Trump Socialism - Conservative Business Journal

Paqui lived the modern family dream up until a young, charismatic Fidel Castro led a band of revolutionaries that employed guerrilla tactics including harassment and violence.

By 1958, Batista’s support dwindled while Castro gained momentum. On New Year’s Day 1959, Fidel Castro overthrew Batista.

Paqui is unable to identify the defining moment where Cuba became a Socialist nation. Rather, there was slow, pervasive, and systematic indoctrination and implementation of the Communist regime.

In fact, Fidel Castro had stated once early on in an interview with Face the Nation that he was not a Communist. That could not have been farther from the truth.

However, Castro’s control of the media resulted in propaganda and control of the people so he had a clear path to totalitarian control.

Shortly after the Bay of Pigs disaster, Paqui and her family had had enough. Her husband was a doctor for the Police department, and Castro’s new government regime began the process to put him on political trial due to his past support of Batista.

Paqui’s daughter was heavily pregnant, while her son-in-law had just lost his job at the bank when the banks became property of the government. Her home was seized by the government and given to a Castro sympathizer.

Paqui, her daughter, and her son-in-law all had United States Visas, and planned to leave Cuba, but they were only allowed to bring one bag of items and approximately $25 with them.

The circumstances were so desperate, Paqui borrowed money from family nearby and sewed $200 in the hem of her son-in-law’s pants so they could support Paqui’s unborn granddaughter.

Paqui arrived in New York in October of 1961. Every moment she was in the United States, the state of affairs in Cuba continued to decline.

Her husband and her son were preparing to attempt escaping Cuba. They never fathomed entering the United States illegally, so Paqui and her daughter petitioned a United States Senator to get a visa for Paqui’s son.

He arrived in the United States shortly after. Unfortunately, Paqui’s husband was not so lucky. Because he was a doctor, the Cuban government refused to allow him to leave since he was an asset to the country. He died of a heart attack making a house call.

Cuban American Trump Socialism - Conservative Business Journal

Despite all of her struggles, Paqui lived the American dream. She entered the United States in poverty having lost everything in Cuba.

She worked as a maid in a hotel to make ends meet, and helped to raise her granddaughter, my mother, who became a doctor, lawyer and earned her MBA. Now, I stand on both of their shoulders.

While Paqui took care of me when I was young, I now take care of her in her old age. We lay on the couch together as she tells me stories of the “old Cuba” that
she used to know.

Particularly, during this Presidential election year, Paqui recognizes all the patterns of Socialism yet again, in the United States.

She sees young radicals who were indoctrinated by media and university propaganda that terrorize American cities through Autonomous zones. She sees censorship of Conservative voices or any individual that disagrees with the New World Order.

I was raised to understand the terrors that Socialism and Communism can cause. Paqui and I voted together for President Trump in 2020.

Cuban American Trump Socialism - Conservative Business Journal

It is my duty and the duty of Patriotic Americans to protect Voter Integrity for the sake of my generation, future generations, and in honor of older generations like Paqui’s that laid the groundwork that this country stands on.


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