The Georgia Senate runoff can make or break the United States. Conservatives must stand together and fight for a Republican to win the two Senate seats in the Peach state.

Though the Democrats bragged all throughout 2020 that a Blue Wave was coming, that was hilariously not the case. There was barely even a Blue puddle.

Republicans made tremendous gains in the House of Representatives, with eleven flips from Democrat incumbents. Despite the gains, however, the Democrats still hold a majority in the House of Representatives.

The Democrats put everything on the line with their election interference scheme.

It started with the impeachment trial circus, then the abuse of the US Constitution through shut downs and mask mandates under the guise of a pandemic, the extreme censorship of Conservative voices through the mainstream media and social media, the ANTIFA and BLM riots, and lastly the wide spread voter fraud.

Conservatives could have been decimated by the relentless attacks from the Left. They weren’t, in fact, Conservatives came out substantially stronger in the 2020 election.

While the results of the Presidential Election are still up in the air, Conservatives are faced with the possibility that 2021 will bring an entirely Democrat controlled government.

If Biden did manage a win, then the final hope for Conservatives to at least balance the Democrat abuse of power through the House of Representatives and the
Executive branch is the Senate.

On Capitol Hill, the Senate is jokingly referred to as the place where bills go to die. The Senate stands in the way of power hungry House Representatives from expanding the power of the Legislative branch beyond what the United States Constitution intended.

If Republicans aren’t diligent, the Senate could be the final check on a totalitarian government in 2021.

The Democrats have *3* easy steps for total and absolute Communist control if they win the Senate.

#1 – Court Packing:
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris famously refused to deny that they planned to pack the Supreme Court.

If the Democrat voter fraud scheme succeeds, then the Democrats would have a House majority to control Legislation and the Executive branch to control Executive orders, Veto power, and the ability to control the courts through nominations or creating new seats in the Supreme Court.

The power of the Courts would then be controlled by the Left. Goodbye balancing of

#2 – Adding States:
If the Democrats hold a majority in the House and Senate, then they have the ability to add  States.

Three potential states that could be added to the United States include DC, Puerto Rico, and Guam. If states are added to the United States, they each get two Senators.

DC is unlikely to ever vote for Republican Senators, and Puerto Rico has gone further and further left. If states are added, Republicans are unlikely to ever hold a majority in the Senate ever again.

#3 – Amnesty for Illegals:
The Democrats hate the Electoral College because it ensures fair representation of all people in the United States. Without the Electoral College, California, Texas,
Florida, and New York would be the only states with a real voice in elections.

The Democrats are unlikely to succeed in getting rid of the Electoral College because that would require a Constitutional Amendment.

Republicans typically hold a majority of states, and Democrats would not be able to
successfully amend the Constitution to remove the Electoral College. Instead, the Democrats plan to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The Democrats could flood each state with voting illegal immigrants. Republicans would not likely ever hold a majority again. Joe Biden already stated he plans to use an Executive Order to provide that amnesty.

However, if President Trump gets a second term, but Democrats hold a majority in the House and Senate, there is still a possibility that the Legislative branch could successfully provide amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

If the Democrats manage to win the Senate there will be no stop to the Democrats’ abuse of power. America as we know it will be over.

The very fundamental values that are the foundations that the United States were founded upon is at stake with the Georgia Senate runoff.

So what is a runoff? Georgia is one of nine states that require a minimum percentage of votes for a candidate to win.

In Georgia, a Senate candidate must win at least 50% of the vote to win the election. If no candidate reaches 50% in the General election, then a runoff election must occur.

Republicans held a Senate majority after the 2018 election, but there are two Senate seats in Georgia that could take away a Republican majority.

The Republican candidates are incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Both of those senate seats have gone to a runoff election because none of the Georgia Senate candidates had reached a minimum of 50% of the vote.

The GOP has expressed concern that the Republican vote is too split to pull out a win in both Georgia Senate races.

In fact, Trump supporters have called for a boycott in Georgia due to voter fraud. Some other Republican voters have expressed anger toward the GOP for their failure to defend the President.

Though establishment RINOs (Republicans in name only) must be removed from office, the bigger threat to the United States right now is the Democrat Socialist party and their blatant disregard for personal liberties of the people.

Conservatives must show a united front. It is time for Conservatives to all stand together to help a Republican win in the two Georgia Senate runoff elections.

We have too much to lose. A Senate majority is what is necessary to be a check against the Democrats if they manage to win the Executive branch, and a Senate majority is what is necessary to help President Trump if he does win a second term.

Save the Senate to Save America!


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