Attorney General William Barr issued a memo on November 9th to the following attorneys and investigators: assistant attorney generals for the criminal, civil rights, and national security divisions, and the Director of the FBI. A number of features have been overlooked in the whirl of reporting since its release.

The memo gives investigators the right to look into voter fraud but it adds a clear distinction that has been lost in the noise. It cites a need to look at voting problems but with the crucial inclusion of “vote tabulation irregularities”.

With the cases of expulsion of Republican poll watchers from various counting rooms and on-the-record charges of physical barriers and obstacles blocking other Republican (and some Democrat) observers, the count, and the means of the count, are in question.

Barr gave the purview of these investigative rights to be for “irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual State,”

As of 5:35pm ET on November 10th, the Associated Press electoral map shows the following numbers, breaking for Biden, for the now hotly contested states:

AZ – 0.5% difference 

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NV – 2.7% difference 

MI – 2.7% difference 

WI – 0.7% difference 

PA – 0.7% difference 

GA – 0.2% difference

With the bizarrely inaccurate counts given before the election by news media polling, as distinct from statistics pollers, the hew and cry over DOJ queries regarding fraud allegations is unclear apart from the nominal citation of long-standing policy.

Before the election, in the fall, Barr stated his belief that mail-in voting could logically be used for fraud despite the usual incantational argument from leftists about not having “studies.”

Barr may have indicated his belief that the media and institutional tilt towards the Democratic candidate could make post-certification investigations moot:

“Such a passive and delayed enforcement approach can result in situations in which election misconduct cannot realistically be rectified.”

Barr was citing and responding to the DOJs generally established policy to hold off on election investigations until certification.

In his recent memo, Barr was clear that “fanciful” or demonstrably groundless accusations are not given the go-ahead for further looks.

Critically, the overbearing centralized President image portrayed by the news media was undermined by an AP report citing an anonymous official. The DOJ source said the memo did not originate from a request by the White House, nor the president, nor any lawmaker.

Meaningful, substantive replies to on-the-record allegations, some legally-filed and given under oath, of fraud or deliberate obstruction towards Republican poll workers have yet to be answered by the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, his committees or de facto surrogates in the news media.

The well-known Democratic slant of the press has seen rhetorical shifts as well. Widespread fraud; multi-state conspiracy and the tendency towards begging the question over possible effects of electoral fraud to change the election have all been mentioned.

Biden campaign attorney Bob Bauer, using the familiarly paternalistic language of his campaigners, called the memo “deeply unfortunate.” And went on to say, “American democracy is stronger than any clumsy and cynical partisan political scheme.” 

A leader in the election fraud investigative unit, Richard Pilger, technically resigned in protest to assume a demoted role in the DOJ.

The electoral investigations are ongoing.


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