The premature coronavirus task force for Joe Biden includes lockdown-happy policy advisor Dr. Michael Osterholm.

He along with Biden’s other task force members reemphasize “dark winter” sound byte from presidential debates. This ivory-tower public health figure wants to replicate Australia and New Zealand successes with stranglehold quarantine measures.

“Right now, we have to have the public understand that this virus is really dangerous– that if you share air with people in the public spaces or in your private home with people who you haven’t had bubbled experiences with, meaning that they have been out in public, then, you’re at risk,” Osterholm told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo

Osterholm says a 4 to 6 week lockdown with accompanying glut of government-tab social spending is the best plan. His New York Times shared op-ed signals desire for possible iron-fisted federal enforcement of state-level operation details.

In addition to Democrat leaders in blue states placing limitations on holiday gatherings, Osterholm issues a warning that the “virus is really dangerous” and the holiday season will be the worst “period of the entire pandemic.”